Sports Are Now Political = Woke Sports

professional sports stadium

Major league baseball has gone “woke.”

Major League Sports are now political and part of the communist movement in America.

If you still think that the super-wealthy elites of the world have your best interest in mind, then think again. They all prosper off of us and yet take the money they make and use it to control us. How sick in the head do you have to be to think like that?

The woke culture will not outdo significant league sports. No sir, they too want their names high on history’s wall of shame as they engage in radical political games instead of just playing the games they are overpaid to perform.

Just imagine if Trump or any republican had tried to use a professional sport to punish one American state in an attempt to bully them into submission.

The hypocrisy and obvious agenda-driven bias displayed by Major League Baseball is a major embarrassment not only to them but to our country.

Moving the all-star game because a state wants fair elections, which requires voter ID, MLB found unacceptable. And the Biden administration was clearly behind it.

Sports becoming political is a Major League Mistake.

I love watching the Cardinals and have been a fan since I was a kid.

My grandfather played triple-A ball for them before being drafted into the war. But I almost fainted when I turned a game on and saw BLM placed on the pitcher’s mound.

How ignorant and insulting. I will never watch another game. I will not choose pleasure over conscience.

It is horrifying watching the dumbing down of our nation.

In America’s past, if club owners would have openly supported a Marxist, communist, and lawless organization, they would have been banned from America`s pastime and likely investigated by the Federal government.

Weak Minds, Weak Morals.

It seems there needs to be no proof or facts to gain a frenzy of support for a cause. I am convinced most of those who burn, loot, and riot enjoy lawlessness and getting away with things they know are wrong.

It has become an opportunity for gangs and criminals to exploit a cause and run wild, breaking laws and mocking law enforcement. And the radical democrats running these cities do nothing.

Jump on the emotional anti-whatever cause of the moment, no matter what the actual reason is. So long as they can claim victim status and act like wild animals, little else is required.

BLM is a Marxist organization that used race to champion its cause. They could care less about alleged police corruption, but anarchy and lawlessness are in their wheelhouse.

They just used the situation to accomplish what they would not have been able to otherwise. Had people known what they were about, they would not have been so successful.

Last year was an embarrassment to our country, and the world can see just how fake and unjust the left is. They are living in la-la land if they think everyone buys the poison they are selling.

And they are joined in the destruction of America by professional sports.

Do Not Believe everything you see.

The CCP, I am sure, paid an excellent salary to some of these folks to get the fires going.

Communists have been thriving here for nearly a century and have been behind just about every violent protest and uprising this country has seen. But does the average American know that?

No, the average American has become clueless.

The communists looked at race and blacks as the perfect tool to help bring down this nation. They realized how simple and easy it would be to fuel hatred and racism among a group that had previously endured so much genuine hardship and oppression.

They were right. And with the help of some changes in history and removing any positive American information from education, it worked like a dream. The focus switched to a racist theme of black history month to point out and focus on differences, to make sure blacks continued to feel like every white person was racist.

Millions of blacks see through the lies and understand they are being used and oppressed by the very ones claiming to help them. But, unfortunately, the majority do not.

Few Americans know much about  history and how the blacks who came out of slavery made progress long before any civil rights laws. They accomplished this when they were oppressed and did not have equal rights.

So making excuses now seems quite foolish. The black community or any community in this country that may struggle cannot blame systemic racism because it simply does not exist. It is a claim backed by zero facts and seeks to benefit the accusers with permanent victim status. They carefully hand pick and exploit specific incidents they feel will help their cause but never use facts or history, because if they did it would be game over.

But this is how Marxism works by creating victims and oppressors.  not because of racist people oppressing them. We know that individuals are responsible for their actions and beliefs. Our laws and industries are color blind and if anything have been slowly changed to serve special interests. 

These things should be evident to everyone, but they are not.

There will always be bad apples of all skin colors in this world, but that does not make the word racist.

Those pushing critical race theory and the like are racist and have no desire for equality and justice. If you think for one second that having a government determine who succeeds and who doesn’t will not affect you, think again.

Only serving self-interests and personal gain at the expense of those who have done nothing wrong in not just progressivism but pure evil. And as a side note, the term progressivism is a communist term.

To have special rights and be given unique preferences, which are fundamentally against our constitution, based on the color of your skin is the definition of being racist.

But, when you convince people that they are victims or oppressors based on the color of their skin, you create a never-ending appetite for entitlement and inequity.

But you won`t hear that from the communist media because they are part of it.

Liberal owners and the various associations have hijacked sports for years now and made it a political platform for immoral positions. They only allow one narrative and quickly rush to support any woke cause that comes up.

National Football League NFL (which stands for Now Fully Liberal)

We saw before the Fake pandemic where NFL players felt that they needed to be heard for their cause. They proceeded to model the best way for our nation’s youth to show disrespect for our flag and our country.

Once again, the dumbing down of our nation is seen when there is a lack of discussion, debate, or representation of all the facts. Just, ” I said so” and “and that is the way I see it.” And if you disagree, then you have a problem. You will be slandered, silenced, and oppressed for having a different view.

Millions of people quit watching NFL football when they became a political activist platform for the left and special interest groups.

It was a game, and now it is part of the communist, anti-American movement. One that has been growing for decades, and now we see its ugly head pop out. It is sad to see so many bask in the freedom supplied to them by our constitution and laws join in with those seeking to destroy them.

It shows how easily humans can be deceived and taken down the river.

No one had to tell me to quit watching and turn off the game. I just no longer wanted to watch that nonsense.

I will include the fully woke NCAA college football in this as well. They began jumping on and promoting homosexuality as though it was some noble thing to be proud of.

They decided to publicly stand against God and his truth and make their own rules. Thus, becoming activists for sin by promoting and supporting immorality. Unfortunately, these are the very types of things that have ruined our country and brought about God`s judgment on America.

The National Basketball Association NBA.

Yes, all three major league sports are now political, with the NBA joining in with the NFL and MLB.

They made their big splash onto the woke scene when they allowed the CCP to intimidate them into censorship oblivion. They, too, are political and could not control themselves with money at stake.

When the general manager for the Houston Rockets tweeted support for the Hong Kong protestors, the CCP flipped out. (who cares) The bottom line is that the NBA makes a load of money in China with yearly tours and a considerable following. But this tweet, “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” was unacceptable to the terrorist organization of the CCP.

If you want to know what to support, make sure it is something the CCP is against, and it will probably be a good thing. For example, I cannot support professional sports that politicize their programs with the radical liberal agenda who are more loyal towards terrorist groups than their own country.

The Love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil.

The NBA melted like a marshmallow in a fire. After all, the people who live in Hong Kong and democracy are not that important when viewed through greed. We can see that love of money means far more to these folks than any principals or character. They refuse to pay the price for convictions or they simply have none. 

The CCP uses genocide against its population to maintain its paranoid control of the country. But that isn`t enough. The CCP wants to rule the world and be number one. But not in a respectful, honest way. They want to control and own other countries and force their propaganda down their throats.

Intimidation, threats, and coercion. They do not keep their word or agreements, they lie in every sentence they speak publicly or with other nations, and we should not be linked up with them. In the not to distant past they slaughtered, starved to death and oppressed their own people in the tens of millions.

I am not speaking about the Chinese citizens. They are, in most cases, victims of a totalitarian Marxist regime. And, like North Koreans, they are only given one narrative, not based on reality or history.

Should we ignore those in this country who are doing everything in their power to allow us only one narrative?

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”  Thomas Jefferson

We turn on a ball game and see BLM signs on the baseball mound. Next, we listen to athletes who want to be politicians. Finally, we are told how racist everyone is. And the result is we are ready to puke before the game even starts.

Because professional sports are now political and seem content on carrying on their woke behavior, the best way we can show our disapproval is by not supporting them. Duh.

Who are they to tell me I am racist? They do not know me! So play ball and shut your pie holes.

sports are woke


We can turn it off and do something else.

If we keep supporting the industries that promote and aid in the destruction of our nation, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. If we love sports more than truth and freedom, we may soon find that we have lost them all.

Because if things continue down this road as they have been, our freedom of speech will be gone forever.

I do Love Sports but now that they are political?

I love sports, but I do not need rich athletes and liberal sports analysts shoving their activism and racism down my throat. Now that sports are political and want to use their platform for activism, they can keep it. Especially since what they are pushing is harmful to our country.

They continuously disrespected this Nation and pushed twisted and false claims of social injustice on the viewers, who tuned in to watch a game and relax.

Placing an unwarranted amount of attention and credibility on a radical organization like BLM shows how liberal and out of touch with reality these big organizations are.

They aligned themselves with the most radical anti-American politicians in government. And just like with social media, they seek to cancel anyone who disagrees with their political view.

I will come back to sports when they come back from insanity and hypocrisy. And when they display professionalism and integrity.

Not likely to happen.

If you want to read more on this issue, there is a good article on the Delaware Daily website, and you can check it out here. “Is a Boycott of pro sports coming?”

Woke Olympics

Now we have teams representing the USA in the world competitions that disrespect the very flag and country they represent. How disgraceful! And they are getting some instant Karma as these athletes have collectively failed to gain a single medal after day one of the summer Olympics. That has not happened since 1972.

Read more here at ;  “First Time In Decades “Woke” USA Teams Receive ZERO Medals On Day One of Olympics”


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