No Sugar means no sugar!

spoon full of sugar, the cause of diabetes


Finding Simple Answers

Changing the name using the more than 60 variations for this needless substance does not alter its effects. No sugar means no sugar. At least I thought it did.

If you have diabetes, you can’t have sugar. Yet time and time again, a no-sugar list includes low-sugar foods. But, unfortunately, that means they have sugar in them!

That would be no different than slipping in ground-up steak on a vegetarian meal. Which part of no-sugar do these bean-heads not understand?


But we Need Sugar

You do not need sugar, and you do not need starches, and they know it! But, unfortunately, over the last 50 years in this country, we have been lied to and told processed foods were a better way to eat our meals. As it turns out, these foods were packed with sugar and have created an epidemic of diabetes and health issues never seen before. But, has that stopped them or caused them to change course?

Not a chance. Go to your local grocery store and find food with zero sugar and low carbs. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! They may even be pumping sugar gas in the air to keep us addicted. (I suppose I should not give them any ideas) Remember, many of these big food manufacturers do their best to disguise this ingredient by using more than sixty variations for sugar. (I will list them at the bottom of this post)

It is time for these folks to get over their inability for transparency and honesty about this issue and quit playing around with sugar and its actual effects and purpose in our diets. Disguising the ingredients and confusing consumers should stop.

Salt in Coke?

Did you know that the reason Coke puts so much sugar in their drinks is to help to hide the taste of the salt that they add.

Wait, you don’t need salt in a soft drink, do you? Nope, but it makes you more thirsty, which is why these drinks do not quench your thirst, and you must buy the super-duper big fat gulp when you go to the store. Cha-ching. And what makes it all worse is the pharmaceutical companies and doctors have been treating the symptoms of the epidemic and making the problem worse and not better.

Sugar is the symptom of diabetes and not diabetes itself, which is high insulin. It is however, a major cause of type 2 diabetes. 

You cannot cure this dietary disease with pills and more insulin.

You may lower blood sugar, but the evidence is clear, diabetes continues to get worse. Their solution? Throw more medicines and eventually start insulin injections, which continue to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Once the body cannot store any more sugar, it spills over into the bloodstream and causes everything from loss of limbs, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, and blindness, to name a few.

The way to cure this massive epidemic is not found at Walgreens or any other pharmacy. It is created through diet and can be cured in most cases in the same way. The number one way is through fasting.

No, not starvation, intermittent fasting is the fastest and most proven way to reverse type two or type one diabetes, but you will likely not hear it on the nightly news or from the local doctor’s office because there is no money in it.

hand with diabetes written on it

We are still being told to eat small meals throughout the day, and that is best.

But, no, it is not. Never before in history did civilizations eat like this, and never previously have we seen what we see now with the health problems.

Americans spend less on food than any other nation, but we spend far more on health care. Unfortunately, the Politicians Cannot Solve This issue. How often do we have to be misled and lied to before we wake up and start finding the right information for ourselves and our families? Never blindly accept what everyone else says or is doing as the best way to go. Your life may depend on it.

This is a life-threatening issue, and I am not a doctor, so do not take my word for it. However, I have developed a severe case of diabetes myself with no health insurance, swollen feet, cramping, and blurred vision, so I take this very seriously. I take personal responsibility for my condition, but that doesn’t mean that those who have misled and lied to the public for decades should not be called out and put out of business for the damage and harm they have done and continue to do to society.

Those who are being prescribed pills and insulin are not getting better. And we now know that this is a curable disease in most cases. But only if the cause is treated instead of the symptoms.

What we Know From Other Areas is True for Insulin.

As we all know, our bodies tend to build up resistance to almost everything. If you take pain medications, they have less effect over time, and you must make more or find a more robust solution, which usually means a stronger drug. Insulin is the same way. The more we take in, the more resistant our bodies become to it, so the solution has been to do what? Increase the amount of insulin.

Which makes it even worse, and so the cycle continues.

And because insulin, not sugar, is the real disease, we must quit accepting that the status quo is correct. No one who is on insulin is getting cured by taking in insulin. Granted, it may be necessary for the beginning to save a diabetic’s life. Still, there is hope for a real recovery with fasting because fasting lowers insulin levels and, if practiced over time, can reverse diabetes.

That doesn’t mean you can eat Twinkies and things high in carbs and sugar.

You cannot eat large amounts of fruit that contain sugar, and you need to avoid bread and baked goods in general. Sugar needs to be eliminated as much as possible. It sure makes shopping a pure nightmare as I can walk up and down the aisle and seldom find a single item with no sugar in it. Very sad indeed!

Diabetes illustrated with insulin shot, sugar cubes and spoon full of sugar

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