Social Media Censorship Rolls On!

social media censorship


Social Media can go away

I could care less if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the rest disappeared today. Americans have become so obsessed with themselves and getting attention on social networks that we are willing to accept the injustice done to our neighbors, so long as we are not the target. Unfortunately, few Americans seem to be taking the time to find out what is happening beyond the few selected news clips and false information put out by the media. And now we have a majority of this country who walks around in the dark or are uninterested in anything but the next handout from the government.

They have nothing I cannot live without and nothing I want. So my interest is to protect this country and our rights under the constitution.

The issue is that these groups want to force everyone else to accept whatever they want to do as being good.  Therefore, control and censor people’s words and terms not to offend or make them feel guilty for their choices. So while your freedom of speech is ignored along with your values and protecting your children, Twitter and Facebook circle the wagons around every type of perversion and Marxist view.

The few rule the many

If you look at many of those involved in the riots, looting, and violence, they are men who have taken on female names and surgeries, representing a tiny percentage of the population. So why is it that all we hear about day after day is this small part of our population breaking the law, spreading hatred, and being intolerant of any views? Demanding everyone else accepts their views that oppose morality, biology, and accountability? One reason is that the media, both social and mainstream, have put it in our faces 24/7, which creates the idea that this is everywhere and represents the majority. It is classic propaganda and wicked.

The media have done the same thing with racism by focusing obsessively on the same few stories which fit their objectives. Anyone who looks at the data and reality knows all of it is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. When was the last time they covered a white person shot by the police or a policeman shot by a black criminal? If you watch mainstream media, you would think that there is an epidemic of crimes against blacks by whites police officers, which is the biggest lie one could create. But, the facts do not seem to matter to our now ignorant society that never bothers with the truth.

While we can blame the media for their part in this, at some point, we must put our big boy pants on and be responsible for who we listen to. Quit ignoring the fact that the American media has become a propaganda network that intentionally lies to us, hides the truth, or refuses to report on things they do not like. They refuse even to cover major news events that may conflict with their political views. That is not journalism, news, or anything worthy of our time. Those happen daily, but you would never know if you are glued to the CCP, I mean CNN. Over and over again. When your mind sees all this as normal, and your views begin to change about things, down goes society’s standards.

Free speech and truth matter

Not only is this a dishonest practice but an unconstitutional practice that should not be tolerated in a Nation that has the right to free speech. One of the big problems is that not only has big tech made deals with the CCP but so have businesses, social media, and our government officials. As a result, our rights to free speech have been sold off, and we have been betrayed.  Evil always feels insecure, always needs to attack any opposition, and always fears the truth. However, reality does not need to worry about a lie. 

If we do not fight now and stop thinking we need social media to survive, they will continue censoring and eliminating all speech they do not like. These networks have convinced people that they are necessary, but they are not. These giant social media platforms cannot be trusted to be honest and have integrity. And the more people use them, the more they will be deceived and have their views and opinions shaped by Marxists who want to destroy our country. Hard to believe, but we should understand that many of these decisions are coming down from people the public doesn’t even know. As these traitors to our country continue to tighten their grip, they will be aided by technology from China. Chinese have used technology in surveillance for control of their population in very oppressive ways.

But Why The Social Media Censorship?

These giant media companies aggressively seek out and remove any information that exposes what is happening in this country. To mislead people and steer them away from anything that disagrees with their political views. They are obsessed with power and control, and if people would wake up and smell the coffee, we could save this country. But, people are blinded by the architect of such evil, Satan and his demons. No, we are not alone in this world because demons and angels live in the spiritual realm. And, like it or not, they have an impact on our lives. So much so that scripture tells us that Satan operates the system of the world.

Social Media censorship is communist, dishonest, and is in direct violation of our freedom of speech. If there is no free speech, there is no democracy.  At the same time, they trample our rights; The government protects socialist Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You cannot make this stuff up, and it is all repulsive. The world’s arrogant, super-rich, influential people cannot allow freedom to exist and foil their plan to gain and maintain control. By controlling the information we are taught in schools, hearing on the news, and what happens in Washington D.C., liberals turn our democracy upside down. And because the liberal agenda is supported by academia, wealthy and powerful businesses worldwide, and entire governments, they have unlimited resources to pour into anti-American causes continually.


Hypocrisy and Double Standards

And if you still are not sure how those in power and wealth can so easily cast aside democracy and freedoms, remember, none of it applies to them. We have a congress that makes laws for “we the people.”  However, they have a different set of rules that protect them. They operate in the most hypocritical ways possible. They are putting our country in unbearable debt while they all make millions. Instead of holding social media and big tech accountable for abuse, they do nothing and ignore the right to free speech in this country. So instead, try to censor and discriminate against someone or something in your business. If you do,  the entire arm of the federal government will squash you like a grape. Big democratic government, big tech, and social media are working hand in hand to take away your free speech and your rights.


We need to Wake up to social media censorship

And use some common sense. Why should Twitter and Facebook change when millions of Americans continue to use their platforms? No matter how much they betray our trust or censor the truth, we keep coming back?

They willingly give voice to those utterly opposed to our way of life and democracy. Yet, every day they censor, (fake) fact check, and cancel conservative voices on their platforms. They are intentionally misleading Americans along with news media and the left. Omitting information is just as effective as putting out false information.

We do not need to accept social media censorship.

When they behave like communist China and abuse their power, we should choose not to use their platforms.

There are choices available

If you want to avoid social media censorship, there are available alternatives that allow us to do so. For those who wish to live in reality and not the oppressive censorship and data harvesting, you can. For now, you can still find some good channels with good content, even on liberal social media platforms. But as these groups incorporate Chinese technology into their algorithms, you can kiss that goodbye.

When social media de-platforms and demonetizes conservative pages and groups, you and I do not see many viewpoints that reflect debate or opposition to the woke culture. While this is extremely troubling and threatens our democracy, it is not the first time freedom has been on the line for America.

Final Thoughts

I fear that many Americans still see no threat or have a wait-and-see approach when the facts and data are in. As a result, our free and fair elections were corrupted and stolen. We were lied to about the pandemic, and the liberals are in bed with our enemies. Our children have become the target of an ideology of hatred and evil. The workplace is becoming political. If you disagree and align yourself against political correctness (blinded to good and evil), you will be out of a job.

Our cities are war zones. Our police are labeled the enemy while prisoners are set free to continue committing crimes.

Churches have had their rights trampled and ironically were not considered essential during the pandemic. At the same time, in some states, strip clubs were open for business. So my question to those who want to wait and see is, what exactly are you waiting for? I have only one thing to say to those seeking to take my freedoms and rights, “give me liberty, or give me death.” (Patrick Henry)