” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”  Romans 10:14,15

5 Points of Calvinism

1- Total Depravity

2- Unconditional Election

3-Limited Atonement

4- Irresistible Grace

5-Preservation of the Saints


  1. Featured Preachers and basic info.
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The images of churches are random images from around the world and are in no way affiliated to any of the preachers except where noted.

John Calvin

1509 – 1564
French theologian, pastor and reformer
“Calvin is seen by many as the greatest influence on the church since the first century. Apart from the biblical authors themselves, Calvin stands as the most influential minister of the Word the world has ever seen.”

Steve Lawson

Theologian for the Ages: John Calvin Steve Lawson / Ligonier Ministries

George Whitfield

1714 – 1770

British Pastor who was very popular and respected. He played a major role in the Great Awakening.

The Power of God in George Whitefield’s Life / I’ll be Honest YouTube Channel / Steve Lawson

Satan’s Schemes! George Whitefield Sermon / Christian Sermons and Audio Books
small church

William Tyndale

1494 – 1536
Translated the New Testament Scripture from the original Greek to English in print.

1525 – His 1st English N.T. printed – Found, arrested, and tried for Heresy – 1536 Strangled and his body burned at the stake

John Knox

1514 – 1572

Scottish Reformer / Preacher

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Christian History Interview – Prophet Without Honor? Why many are tempted to disown Knox, and why we shouldn’t. / By David F. Wright / Christianity Today

Presbyterian with a sword / CT Christianity Today / Article

John Knox
Portrait of preacher Charles Haddon Surgeon

Charles Spurgeon


Calvinist / Baptist Preacher in England / Wrote approx. 135 books

Dubbed the ” Prince of Preachers”, He was the pastor of the largest Protestant megachurch in the world in his day and knew all 6,000 members by name.

Who is Charles Haddon Spurgeon? / Phillip Ort June 6, 2018 / The Spurgeon Center for Biblical Preaching at Midwestern Seminary /

The Spurgeon Center                   Sermons

John Bunyan


Puritan Preacher in England & author of 60 books

*Spent 12 years in prison for preaching.

*He is best known today for his book “Pilgrims Progress.”

John Bunyan Biography and life facts /

John Bunyan: The People’s Pilgrim / Full Movie / Vision Video

Pilgrim’s Progress / Full Movie – Christian Movies


Pilgrim’s Progress Puritan John Bunyan / Full Classic Christian Audiobook – Christian sermons and audiobooks

John Wesley

1703 – 1791

English Preacher, theologian, founder of the Methodist Church, and Clergyman of the Church of England.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library / John Wesley

Journal of John Wesley free online ( read, download, or listen) below is a small excerpt from an entry in John Wesley`s Journal:

Our common way of living was this: From four in the morning till five each of us used private prayer. From five to seven we read the Bible together, carefully comparing it (that we might not lean to our own understandings) with the writings of the earliest ages. At seven we breakfasted. At eight were the public prayers.

Sermons on Several Occasions (141 sermons) read or download (free)

John Wycliffe


English, Teacher, Philosopher, theologian, Catholic priest, seminary professor, Bible interpreter, and advocate of church reform.

He was responsible for the first complete translation of the Bible into the English language.

John Wycliffe: “The Morning Star of the Reformation”Christianity Today

Portrait of John Wycliff
portrait of Martin Luther

Martin Luther


German monk who sparked the Protestant Reformation when he nailed his ’95 Theses’ to a church door in 1517.

Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Full Documentary) Ligonier Ministries YouTube Channel / (Limited time)

Martin Luther –       The 95 Theses (


Billy Graham

1918 – 2018


No doubt he was the most well-known evangelist of the last 50 years preaching the gospel to millions around the world, myself included.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham Sermon Archives

old church building

Allister Begg

May 22, 1952

Senior Pastor of Cleveland’s Parkside Church

Truth for Life

Voddie Baucham

Mar. 11, 1969

Evangelist, Preacher, EducatorDean of Theology at African Christian University in Zambia.

A Long Road Ahead’: Evangelist Voddie Baucham Continues to Recover After Quadruple Bypass Surgery – 4-8-21 – CBN News LINK

old yellow church

John Piper

Jan. 11, 1946

Pastor, Author, Teacher, and one of my favorites.

His passion and zeal for Christ are contagious and his knowledge of God`s word is beneficial for anyone who seeks to grow in Christ.

The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel / Feb. 14, 2017 / Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra / The Gospel Coalition (TGC) LINK–  Messages     Desiring God

R.C. Sproul

1939 – 2017

Theologian Preacher. Author & Teacher

R.C. Sproul is one of my personal favorites. If you have never listened to any of his sermons or lectures you are missing out on one of the best preachers you will ever listen to.

Ligonier Ministries

old church building

John MacArthur

June 19, 1939

Pastor, Author & Bible Teacher

He has been the pastor of Grace Church for over 50 years and has been a defender of the faith with fearlessness and consistency. He is by far my favorite pastor of all time and his ministry continues to have a major impact around the world.    Grace to You   (All of his sermons are available to listen to and watch for free on the website.)

Justin Peters


Using Scripture along with slides and videos, Justin serves the body of Christ in a unique way with a focus on exposing false teaching and false teachers. He does his homework and always points to clear and undeniable evidence. Rather than hurling insults, he uses scripture and sound Biblical doctrine along with a plea for repentance. Excellent ministry!!

Justin Peters Ministries

old wooden church

Adrian Rogers

1931 – 2005

Southern Baptist Pastor, Arthur, and President of the Southern Baptist Convention for 3 terms. Founder and Bible teacher of Love Worth Finding Ministries. Pastor of the 9,000-member Belview Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee which grew to over 29,000 members by 2005.

Love Worth Finding      Who was Adrian Rogers?        Adrian Rogers; People God Uses
+”It is not scholarship, it is relationship. It is not notability it is availability. It is not fame it is faith. God wants ordinary people to do extraordinary things so God himself can get the glory from it.”

Dr. Tony Evans

Pastor, Arthur, and Former Chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys / Has a gift for meaningful analogies and is one of my favorite preachers.

The Urban Alternative

church sancturary
country church

Paul Washer

Missionary and founder of the HeartCry Missionary Society

Access over 30 Of Paul Washers Sermons at

J. I. Packer

1926 – 2020

Highly influential Arthur, theologian, speaker, and teacher, J.I. Packer was Born in England, settled in Canada, and became very popular in America.

*A Founding father of the Trinity School for Ministry

J.I. Packer – On Personal Holiness / TS4M

old abandoned church
church and cemetary

Dr. Steven Lawson

Dr. Lawson is the founder and president of One Passion Ministries. He is an expository preacher and teacher who has a passion for the Truth of God`s word and a new much-needed reformation.



A.W. Pink

1886 – 1952

English Evangelist, Pastor, Bible Scholar, and Writer

Immigrated to the United States in 1916 and pastored churches in four different states. Created a magazine for the English-speaking world titled, “ Studies in the Scriptures.

The Arthur W. Pink Archive (Articles, sermons, letters, and works.)

Books and Articles by Arthur W. Pink

old church
old church

Puritan John Owen

1616 – 1683

Reformed Theologian, Chaplain, Pastor, Dean, Vice-Chancellor

John Owen

Published Works by Title

Hardness of Heart in Christians – Puritan John Owen Christian Audio Books

Stephen Nichols

President of Reformation Bible College, Chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries, Author, and Ligonier teaching fellow.

Reformation Bible College

Ligonier Website      Ligonier YouTube Channel


old church

Sinclair Ferguson

Arthur, Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow, vice-chairman of Ligonier Ministries, and Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary –

Access to Sermons, books, and more

Dr. David Jeremiah

Pastor, Author

Turning Point


Ravi Zacharias

1946 – 2020

An evangelical minister and apologist who founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

W. Robert Godfrey

Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow and chairman of Ligonier Ministries. He is president emeritus and professor emeritus of church history at Westminster Seminary California.



Mike Riccardi

Serves as the assistant professor of theology at The Master’s Seminary and co-pastor along with Phil Johnson of the Grace Life fellowship group at Grace Community Church

The Grace Life Pulpit

Phil Johnson

Ordained elder and pastor at Grace Community Church where he also serves as the Executive director.
Founder of websites: The Spurgeon Archive, The Hall of Church History, and the Pyromaniacs blog. 

The Grace Life Pulpit


Michael Reeves

Author, Teacher, President and professor of theology at Union School of Theology in the United Kingdom

Resources at

John Hus

1369 – 1415
Czech theologian, philosopher and influential pre-reformation Church reformer.


“One of Wycliffe’s followers, John Hus, actively promoted Wycliffe’s ideas: that people should be permitted to read the Bible in their own language, and they should oppose the tyranny of the Roman church that threatened anyone possessing a non-Latin Bible with execution. Hus was burned at the stake in 1415…” (read more at

Statue of John Hus


Derek Thomas

Charles Swindell


Ministries And Resources

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Clicking on the Links to any of the sermons will take you to YouTube or other websites where the video is posted and are the sole property of the individuals or organizations. They are listed here for easy access. I personally watch each video before I post.
Confronting the Sexual Chaos– Don Green
Pray and Be Alone with God  – Paul Washer
Satan’s Schemes! – George Whitefield  
Statism & Socialism – W. Robert Godfrey
The End in Sight– Derek Thomas
The Peril of Spiritual Apostasy– Alistair Begg