This website is about truth. Truth does not change. People can suppress it, ignore it, deny it, or oppose it, but the truth remains. That may sound funny to some, yet the world we now find ourselves in is not following the truth when it interferes with their plans. What is worse is that those who have seized power want to force their lies on everyone else. I created this website in response to the massive attacks on morality, laws, and our freedoms. Win or lose, I will stand for truth and what is right.

Ultimately, God alone determines truth, and His truth cannot be defeated or silenced. 

Freedom is a gift from our creator, and if we allow others to take it from us, what will be the fate of our children? I hope you will speak up and stand up wherever you are because truth matters. I have a Christian worldview that I will not change for culture, government, or anyone else. 

In addition to blogs on faith and politics, I have created a links page to help you find conservative platforms for news and information. Also, I have a news section separated by topic that provides links to articles, videos, lectures, and sermons from other websites found on the internet. Next you will find quote posts from various founding fathers, patriots, preachers, and well-known figures from history.  Last but not least is a growing number of image galleries filled with pics on different subjects. 

No matter where you are in the world, I want to say welcome. Thank you for choosing to visit and I plan to make it worth your while. I believe in freedom for all people and that we are going to be governed by God or by tyrants. There is no man who I will worship or who I will allow to be God over my life. That position belongs to Jesus Christ and Him alone. When wicked people are in places of authority suffering and death always follow. While I cannot stop what is coming, I can offer you a better way and a hope that is sure and real. This is not about me but about the truth. 

God bless you,