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Trump MAGA, Biden Will Not!


 America was the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. Even with the collective attacking with everything they had, they could not stop Trump and those who love freedom and liberty from making America great again. Not the lies about Russia, the lies about his past and relentless tax dollars waisted on investigations without probable cause or credible evidence to purse them, should have told even the causal viewer that this was a government that was not following their own rules or the  constitution. Thanks to Donald J. Trump and the millions of Americans who stood up for what made this country so great and for those who will follow us in the coming generations. 

The White House

Trump has far exceeded any expectations I had and did this country a great service. He has exposed the deep state to the world.

We gladly supported his vision for making America great again. (MAGA)

And excuse me for stating the obvious here. If you continued to watch the hatred and bias from the woke media the last four years, then you were not given the truth.

Every time I watched mainstream media, I witnessed a  relentless and offensive campaign of hatred towards Trump. The biggest problem was that all of it lacked credibility.

It was like watching the first few weeks of American Idol, where you see some poor individuals who cannot sing stand there in front of the judges and belt out what resembles the sound of marbles in a blender.


The media was like that, only supersize it to about a thousand blenders full of woke marbles.

It sure is loud but doesn’t seem to be making much sense. And because we are humans, we get one of these cool things called a brain.🧠 With it, we can determine when someone is pouty and sad 😥 or racist and full of hatred.😡 Democrats were both loud and obnoxious from day one.

Trump horrified all of them, republicans and democrats. No more politics as usual, and that is what lit the fire. Every slander, cry for impeachment, investigation, and accusation was a complete lie.

The communist and ever-growing deep state would continue to rob America blind and throw us under the bus while they increase personal wealth and throw parties to honor each other.

“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin

Liberal Progressive Ideology and Morality seldom mix.

Sadly, those who orchestrated these scams and smear campaigns against President Trump have been promoted and rewarded for the most part. They should be out of a job or serving time in jail.

Remember, the deep state had nothing to go on but continued to use our money to search for something to impeach this president with. Uh, that is not how the justice system is supposed to operate and how you want it to work. The cries for impeachment began the moment Trump took office.

Yet, our current incompetent, unelected president calls for the same type of unnecessary and insane investigation into our military. Even though the facts say otherwise, this radical administration desperately wants to create a narrative in the minds of Americans which is not reality.

Off on another witch hunt, they go. Hoping to find one example of racism among the 3 million military personals. When they find it or fabricate it, they will attack like sharks to blood and make it seem like white oppression to the millions of people who still watch propaganda news.

When the real facts come out and prove the claims to be untrue, it really won’t matter. They will have pushed laws through or punished innocent people and influenced the minds of Americans.

Mission accomplished!

I cannot count the lies and misinformation, but the total is staggering. Yet, the media never spoke a word of regret or expressed shame for those involved. Instead, they refuse to admit false reporting and so-called mistakes because they were done intentionally.




who we listen to


emoji expression 4

the words, fake news for the mainstream media

Trump was not a politician and rough around the edges, but he couldn’t be bought or bribed.

Trump went to war for us against the deep state, fake media, and those around the world who had been taking advantage of us. After 8 years of liberal white house party politics under Obama and Biden, this country was in a mess and going downhill fast. The economy was not going in the right direction. China had silently invaded every aspect of our country, and we were mixed up in deals that were not in Americans’ best interest. Not to mention the mess with North Korea.

But none of this concerned the deep state who had benefited every step of the way.

We were sending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to support other countries who opposed us at every turn and basically took the money with one hand while flipping us off with the other.

The illegals who were coming into this country were coming from places that we were sending money to.

These governments did nothing to stop or restrict their borders, ignoring the impact and cost to America. So when he took office, Trump worked on changing that, holding them accountable to do their part and stop the influx of illegals trying to get into the U.S.

But will we ignore that and impeach Trump? For…we will keep investigating until we find something…to be continued at taxpayer’s expense.

And if you think that printing money and sending you a check is good, wait till you get the bill. Oh, it is coming. We are going to see inflation go through the roof. Biden is printing money like it is a game. And tax and spend is the name of the democrat’s game.

Many Americans do not even know the things Donald J. Trump accomplished while in office.

Because the media wouldn’t report anything for his entire Presidency unless they could spin it to accuse him of something.

So if you want to know what the Trump administration accomplished, you will be blown away at the facts that were never reported or falsely reported by the media.

The Trump Whitehouse Archives

Trump and Pence coming off of Airforce one

When they did report anything good that he did, it was short, incomplete, and never repeated. The Democrats across the country continue to block all attempts to audit the election. It is basic reasoning that when we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear. But, unfortunately, this is not what we are seeing.

The mainstream media also believes we are too lazy or stupid to fact-check their deceitful and fabricated fake news.

I, for one, am not. And I am not alone because I believe millions of Americans also see what is taking place and are sick of it. The bottom line is Trump worked for us, and Biden works for the corrupt deep state. More than just politics, as usual, the hostile takeover of our country is happening. We had better wake up, speak up, and stand up for freedom. Our kids deserve better than for us to sit by and watch freedom and democracy be taken away forever. Stay in the Word, Love your neighbor as yourself, be light and salt. But, right or wrong, we should still pray for our leaders and our country. Stand behind those who are risking everything for truth and often are left doing all of the work we should be doing. Freedom is not free. There is a cost to gain it and a cost to maintain it. If we do not pay the price now, our children will pay it for us.

“First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered for everyone. For kings and all those in authority so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior…”

1 Timothy 2;1-3

“You too be patient, and strengthen your hearts, because the Lord`s coming is near.”

James 5:8

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