“Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

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In a world full of bad news, we have the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ

2023 Videos

Something is VERY Wrong / John MacArthur
Jun 28, 2023 – TreasureChrist

Tucker Carlson Suddenly Sounds A Lot Like Jesus – Wretched – Jul 21, 2023

Supreme Court’s Historic Free Speech Ruling For Colorado Web Designer, with Judge Amul Thapar – 6-30-23 Megyn Kelly

Before the Second Coming of Christ, These Sins Will Take Over The World- July 7, 2023 – Lion of Judah

This Boy Puts Bible Skeptics to Shame – Gems Of Truth

Why Christians shouldn`t bow to homosexual marriage – Rev. Calvin Robison at the Oxford Union 2-15-23

It’s OVER! We Have Passed the Point of NO Return! Jesus is COMING!- The Watchman

We Challenge All Evolutionists to Watch This Video!-June 30,2023 –Answers in Genesis Canada

‘Judgment Is Coming’ EVERYTHING is About to Change…FOREVER! – The Watchman

Why you can trust Scripture – Grace to You – Pastor John MacArthur

Such Were Some of You – Grace to You – Pastor John MacArthur

Exposing the Absurd Lack of Scientific Evidence for Evolution- Answers in Genesis

Josh Hawley Takes No Prisoners Grilling Key Judicial Nominee: ‘Why Are You Fighting Me on This?!’ – June 7, 2023 – Forbes Breaking News

Are UFO`S Real? John MacArthur answers the question- BTWN News

GET HIM OUT! Canadian Pastor Still in JAIL After Protesting Drag Show Story Time – Mar 6, 2023- BlazeTV

Welcome To The Last Seconds Of The End Times! Jesus is COMING! –
The Watchman – Jul 21, 2023


BREAKING: FBI Finds MASSIVE Document Stash on Targeting Christians –

Aug 16, 2023 – Official ACLJLINK

End-Time Prophecies – Jerusalem Dateline

May 26, 2023 -CBN news – LINK

“Non-Human Biologics” Discovered From UFO Crash Sites! The Rapture COVER UP Is Set Up! 

Jul 31, 2023 – The Watchman – LINK

Taiwan Prayer Revival News on The 700 Club

July 24, 2023 – LINK

Christian Student TRIUMPHS in Lawsuit against College Wokeness!!!-


How This One Lie Ruined America 
Excellent video – (every parent should watch)- Wretched  Radio  LINK
15 Facts The Bible Knew Before Science Did

 FreedomInGod LINK

Outlawing Evangelism?

Christian World News – March 24, 2023 / CBN news (Added for the first part only) LINK

Weekly Round-up of Blasphemers, Idolaters, and False Teachers. 

By Jeff – Jul 14, 2023- The Dissenter LINK

‘Operation Underground Railroad’: 6,000 Trafficking Victims Rescued, True Story Hits Big Screen –

Jun 30, 2023 – CBN NEWSLINK

Christian Doctor Fired for Refusing to Use Trans Pronouns Cites Genesis, Appeals to European Court 

June 22, 2023 – By Michael Wing- Epoch Times LINK

Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young

Abigail Shrier / Hillsdale College LINK

Born-Again Founder The Gracious Conviction of Elias Boudinot

July 4,2023 By Pastor Andy Farmer – Desiring God LINK

Presbyterian Church Body Calls for Government Intervention to End Sex-change Procedures for Minors

June 22, 2023 / The Dissenter LINK

TM22-10 Mysticism: The Deadly Dangers of Trusting Personal Experience Over Biblical Authority 

Justin Peters / Grace to You LINK

Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities / A Documentary Every Parent Needs to Watch  

June 19,2023 – Documentaries – Epoch TV LINK

Homosexuality: I Will Not Yield 

Apr 21, 2023 – A guest post by The Dissenter – LINK







With Lucas Miles

on Epoch TV

The Link Between Progressivism and Antisemitism

Church & State- 12-7-22 – LINK

Get the Enneagram Out of Our Churches

Church & State 12-16-22-LINK

Unmasking the Christian Left 

Church & State- 11-2-22 – LINK

LGBT Versus Church 

Church & State – 9-21-22 LINK

Christians and ESG: What You Need to Know 

Church & State – 10-19-22- LINK

Protesting God: The Left’s Not So Subtle Attack Against the Church

Church & State– 8-31-22 – LINK

Christian Persecution and the Slippery Slope in America

Church & State – 11-23-22 LINK

Corporate America: The New Coliseum of Christian Persecution 

Church & State – 11-30-22 LINK





Truth Revealed:

Ex-Freemason Exposes Satanic Secrets Of International Masons Cult / Welovetrump / by Noah / Rumble video / LINK  —  Rumble

The problem of evil

John MacArthur / YouTube video / Ligonier Ministries LINK

The Fifth Great Awakening

Andrew Torba CEO, LINK

The bible; how big a deal is human error?


What Are All The Names of God in the Bible?


Defeating Discontentment

John MacArthur /  YouTube video / GRACE TO YOU –  LINK

A Prayer for Spiritual Power

John MacArthur / Youtube video / GRACE TO YOULINK

Biden Frees Gitmo Terrorist Linked to Chanukah Murder of Israeli Children

 By Daniel Greenfield / Jan. 22, 2022 / JIHAD WATCH LINK

Bitter Winter: Xi Jinping’s new restrictions on religious internet content in effect March 2022

 by Hu Zimo / CHINA AID LINK

Lifeway Still Peddling False Teachers Including “Gay Christianity” Rejoice Resources

By Reformation Charlotte / Jan. 12, 2022 LINK

Biden Administration Creating Alarming List of Religious Americans

 by Alisha Rodriguez / Jan.16, 2022 THE REPUBLICAN BRIEF / LINK

Gov. Kristi Noem Introduces Two Pro-Life Bills On March For Life Day

By Charlotte Pence Bond / Jan. 21, 2022 / THE DAILY WIRE LINK

Not One Body Has Been Found At Indigenous ‘Unmarked Mass Grave’ In Kamloops, Canada

 By Chris Menahan / Jan. 19, 2022 / INFORMATION LIBERATION LINK

The Origin of Sin

Genesis 3:1-7 / John MacArthur / GRACE TO YOU LINK

What Does the Bible Say About Socialism?


One Lord, One Faith, One God: The Exclusivity of Christianity

Feb. 6, 2022 / John MacArthur / Ephesians 4:4-6 / GRACE TO YOU LINK

Fairfax Schools Tell Kids They’re ‘Privileged’ If They’re ‘White,’ ‘Male,’ ‘Christian,’ Or A ‘Military Kid’

By Chris Menahan / Jan. 19, 2022 / INFORMATION LIBERATION LINK

Right and Wrong/ A Case for Moral Absolutes Study


Study: Most Evangelicals Don’t Want Short Sermons

By Ken Ham / Jan. 24, 2022 / ANSWERS IN GENESIS LINK

Abortions In Texas Plummet 60 Percent One Month After Heartbeat Law Took Effect

Feb. 11, 2022 / THE DC WEEKLY LINK

Did Jesus die for the sins of every person or only for the elect?


Guilt and Forgiveness: Pleasing God with R.C. Sproul

 Ligonier Ministries / LINK

Is the Purpose of Public Education “To Teach [Children] What Society Needs Them to Know”?

 By Ken Ham / Jan. 31, 2022 / ANSWERS IN GENESIS LINK

Many Prenatal Genetic Tests Are Wrong 85% of the Time

By Ken Ham/ Jan. 27, 2022 / ANSWERS IN GENESIS LINK

The Priority of Unity

 Jan. 30, 2022 / John MacArthur / Ephesians 4:2-6 / GRACE TO YOU LINK

How to Live in a Crooked and Perverse Generation

 John MacArthur / Youtube video / GRACE TO YOU LINK

The Bible is Rational Truth

by John MacArthur / Friday, January 7, 2022 / GRACE TO YOU (Blog) LINK


Life as a persecuted Christian in North Korea: Bae’s story- Open Doors UK & Ireland
Dec 29, 2021
“Why Did the Reformers Remove Books From the Bible?” | Jan 29, 2022 – WRETCHED
Pastor arrested for opening church speaks out

Ingraham – May 14, 2021FOX NEWS LINK

Too Late for Grace: When a Nation Rejects God

John MacArthur / Mar. 31, 2021 / GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH LINK

Canada Passes Legislation Making it Illegal for Christians to Persuade Homosexuals to Repent

 By Reformation Charlotte / Dec. 21, 2021 / RCLINK

Christians: December 6th Was Your Wakeup Call About What Is Coming For Us All

  by Andrew Torba on Dec. 8, 2021 / GAB NEWS  LINK


Dinesh D’Souza – The Case for Christianity- Refuge Service / Nov 8, 2020 / emmanuelenid

REMARKABLE Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection – Premiered Apr 12, 2020 –
Answers in Genesis

We must obey God rather than man

 John MacArthur- YouTube/video / July 28, 2020  GRACE TO YOU –– LINK

Wikipedia Bans Christians From Contributing to the Website

 By Reformation Charlotte / Oct. 19, 2020 / –  LINK

When government crosses the line

John MacArthur – Romans 13:1 / Aug. 7, 2020 / YouTube video- Heart of Worship channel LINK

Is Genesis History? Watch the full film

premiered on Mar. 26, 2020 / YouTube channel video / IS GENESIS HISTORY LINK


IRAN: Rescued by Jesus –

Voice of the Martyrs USA – May 4, 2019 – LINK

New SEBTS Professor Endorses Ministry That Promotes Close Woman-to-Woman Same-Sex “Partnerships”

 By Reformation Charlotte / Nov. 25, 2019 / RC LINK

The Gospel Coalition’s Crusade to Kill the Gospel and the Church

By Reformation Charlotte / May 28, 2019  – LINK

The theology of creation 

John MacArthur  / Mar. 31, 2017 – YouTube video / GRACE TO YOU LINK




John MacArthur / The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 29

Dec.2, 2018 – Ben Shapiro LINK

Atheists Will HATE This Video (Ken Ham) – Answers in Genesis – Mar 2, 2017

Christianity Is On The Rise In China –

Aug 4, 2016 – Journeyman Pictures-  LINK


John MacArthur: Is Jesus the Only Way?

 John MacArthur / May 12, 2015 / LIGONIER MINISTRIES LINK

What is truth?

By John C.P. Smith -April  17, 2015 – Featured in Hebrew Word Study  ANSWERS IN GENESIS- LINK

How God restrains evil in the world

 John MacArthur – Mar. 5, 2015 / GRACE TO YOU  LINK



The Ultimate Proof of Creation 

Sep 29, 2014 – The Master`s Seminary Chapel – DR. Jason Lisle- LINK

Documentary -Growth of Christianity in Korea

Sep 28, 2014 – Bahador Alast – LINK

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit part -2

 John MacArthur / Acts 2:5-13 / May 28, 1972 / GRACE TO YOULINK

2005 - 2000

Real Scientists, Really?

 By Dr. Terry Mortenson / July 27, 2005 / ANSWERS IN GENESIS LINK

The Sin of Noah

 June 17, 2001 / Genesis 9:18-29 / John MacArthur – GRACE TO YOULINK

Why Does Creation Matter?


The Curse on the Woman, Part 1

John MacArthur / Genesis 3:16 / June 11, 2000 / GRACE TO YOU LINK

Judgment of the Rebellion at Babel, Part 2

Sept.2, 2001 / Genesis 11:1-9 / John MacArthur / GRACE TO YOU – LINK

Judgment of the Rebellion at Babel, Part 1

 Aug. 26, 2001 / Genesis 11:1-9 / John MacArthur / GRACE TO YOU LINK

May 21, 1972

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

John MacArthur / Acts 2:1-4 / / GRACE TO YOU LINK


John MacArthur sermon library / / Grace to You LINK

GTY Blog / Grace Community Church –  LINK

The Master`s LINK  –   Doctrinal statement   Find A Church

The Master`s LINK

The Grace Life Pulpit / LINK

The Truth About Muhammad / By Robert Spencer / JIHAD WATCH LINK

Islam 101 / By Gregory M. Davis / JIHAD WATCHLINK

Download free COVID-19 Vaccine religious exemption documents   GAB LINK /  LINK

Bible Gateway /  LINK

Bible Hub  / – LINK

Learn Religions  / –  LINK

The Voice of the Martyrs / – LINK

Planned Purity  / LINK

Christianbook  / LINK