For many decades the CCP has been waging war against the United States. Their goal is to replace America as the world’s superpower. But not in the way America has used our strength for good, providing food, relief, military, training, and education worldwide. The CCP will rule with an iron fist, surveillance, oppression, and violence, and ultimately dominate and exploit anyone and everyone. I feel bad for most Chinese people who work hard, are oppressed, live in fear, are under constant surveillance, and are told what to think.

MYK Truth Matters

Sixty years ago, a top Soviet defector predicted the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. He warned that the changes were faked to undermine Western military preparedness. When the West was sufficiently weakened, Russia and China would unite for an all-out attack on the United States.

Counterpunch / Trevor Loudon

News Links About The CCP / Chinese Communist Party

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New Book Details Biden’s Involvement In Lucrative Deal With China: ‘Was Expecting A 10 Percent Cut’ /By Mike LaChance -Nov. 30, 2021 AMERICAN LOOKOUT –  LINK

[Premiering 10/20, 10:30 AM ET] Obama Holdovers Allowed the Chinese Communist Party’s Subversion of America: Alex Newman / Crossroads / Joshua Phillip / EPOCH TIMES – LINK

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Communist China’s Ties to US riots exposed; Exclusive: new evidence of China’s Coverup China in Focus

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