What is the World Coming to ?

New York City

The world is changing drastically, daily, and with alarming speed

So many things are changing that it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track and stay informed. And while we can see the progress in medicine and technology which have helped people live longer and improve so many areas of their lives, most of what we see happening now is not necessarily for our benefit.
The wealthy, powerful, and arrogant leaders around the world are working to deceive, control, and dominate the masses.
And yes, they all belong to secret societies which is not a conspiracy folks, it’s real. The fact that so many people dismiss the very organizations that the super-rich created in order to keep us from knowing what they are up to shows just how smart they are. Most who belong to this elite group of the “haves”, think of people like us as “deplorable” and ignorant.
And to be honest, we haven`t exactly posed much of a threat to their way of thinking but continue to buy all the fool’s gold they are selling us.
Freemasons and and the new world order

Gods Judgement

As far as America is concerned, clearly, we have been and are under the judgment of God the same as any other nation or culture that decides to abandon truth. I understood decades ago that this country no longer wanted anything to do with Jesus, morals, or freedom. Freedom requires responsibility and America cannot operate the way the founding fathers created it unless the people are moral and fear God.
One reason is that our laws come from the bible and are based on truth.
Our founding principle which has created the most prosperous, benevolent, and free nation is that God gives man his rights and the government’s role is to protect them. Dishonest, corrupt, and lawless people in our government are trying to change it all and remove the moral laws and safeguards that protect us.
How sad it is that the ones who should be protecting us are the ones we actually need protection from.
They are busy making new laws to protect and promote all forms of immorality and sin. They have been and continue to go after and punish anyone who may not agree with their lifestyle choices. They legally persecute the innocent as well as force their oppressive agenda on the world.
They use things like the CCP Virus, Climate Change, and racism, and have already made giant progress with their plans.


Who is Pushing This?

These are the owners of the wealthiest companies from around the world along with government leaders, investors, banks, and the like. In short, the Illuminati headed up by the Rothschilds and in America, the Rockefellers.
Rest assured, you and I have no representation among those pushing the changes we see from censorship to vaccinations.
Our current administration is on board with these people and in many cases, are leading the way.
These powerful men and women of today meet at the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, the World Health Organization, and many others to discuss ways to control us and to continue to push this world into a one-world government.
They gain the consent of the people to rule over them behind hidden agendas disguised as, “facts” and “science.”
We already have some excellent examples of how all of these power-hungry control freaks operate such as the misinformation and politicization of Covid-19 where lockdowns, vaccines, social distancing, and face masks all became weapons for those in power to grab more control as well as make more money.
While we all suffered the super-rich laughed all the way to the bank while they and their families ignored the policies they imposed on the world.
And to think that we are going to stop this group of people who own the majority of the world`s wealth and positions of power is wishful thinking.
They are consumed with the idea of ruling the world in every sense of the word and constantly plan and implement their new world order minute by minute.
But who exactly is behind them? What is driving these people year after year to continue to push for all of these changes that are clearly based on blatant lies and deception?
And what will be the end result of what we see happening right now?
I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news.

Things are going to get worse, much worse. This so-called utopia they claim is not a utopia for you and me, but for them.
The idea of one world order means you and I no longer matter or have a voice in anything of significance including human rights.
The only reason we ever had these is that our form of government acknowledged that God gives men our rights, not governments.
Once the “state” becomes “god”, you can kiss all of these goodbye forever.
The bad news is that this is exactly what is going to happen. America and the rest of the world will lose their sovereignty and freedoms and we will all be melted into a one-world government like it or not.
Just as we have seen, the decisions are made for us and it isn’t just doing as I say but doing as I say or else. Or else what?
Or else you cannot get on an airplane, travel, buy or sell, have a job, or survive.

Vaccines were a Start

They have already begun to do this with the vaccines, as well as internet censorship and private companies, forcing mandates on employees that directly violate our rights and the Constitution.
No worries, they are busy destroying the Constitution each day that this non-elected group of terrorists controls our government.
I realize that most people in America today are illiterate when it comes to the Bible and so let me just say that all of what we see happening is exactly what scripture says would happen.
And while it is people who carry out these evil practices, the one who is behind it all is Lucifer, better known as Satan.
He has been waging war against God and truth since the garden and today he is pushing the world to conform to his will and ultimately worship him.
And just as with the powerful people, Satan has managed to convince most of us that he doesn’t even exist.
In the same way, secret societies are thought of as conspiracy and nonsense,  people dismiss the cartoon-like character in a red suit and pitchfork as a2 fairy tale. 
This has allowed him and his demonic followers to be very successful as they appear to be angels of light all the while spreading toxic doctrine and false religion throughout history and in every country.


People already deceived

And while this may not be what people want to hear, we do not have to be ignorant or caught by surprise as we see things happening that have been written for us in the pages of scripture.
In their State of the world human rights Amnesty International Annual Report for 2021/22, they found that “from a human rights perspective, 2021 was largely a story of betrayal in the countries of power. They monitor 154 countries and the 2021 report ” reveals alarming repression worldwide of the rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.”

Here is a sampling of their findings;

At the same time in America, liberal democrats allowed BLM and Antifa to riot, loot, and destroy our cities while they ordered the police to watch.


So, what is the good news?

The good news is that even though Satan will enjoy having control of this world it will be temporary. He, along with the fallen angels (demons), and the unbelieving world, will face defeat and final judgment from Jesus Christ.
“This will take place when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in blazing fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will suffer the penalty of eternal destruction, separated from the presence of the Lord and the glory of His might, on the day He comes to be glorified in His saints and regarded with wonder by all who have believed, including you who have believed our testimony. ” 2 Thessalonians 1:8-10


Day of the Lord

This second coming of Jesus Christ referred to as the Day of the Lord will come at the end of the seven years of tribulation where God judges the world through devastating disasters.
He will then set up a thousand-year reign where Satan and his demons will be bound and unable to deceive or have any influence on mankind.
Just before Christ returns Satan will gather the armies of the world to fight against our Lord to no effect.
By the word of His mouth, He will destroy evil and the works of darkness. This current world system is run by Satan and the entire world is under his sway.
“We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” 1 John 5:19
He has his influence all over the planet and has not yet been permanently cast out of heaven to the earth.
Even being here part-time we can see how in the last 100 years or so where the evil doctrines of Karl Marx and Darwin have led to millions of people dying through wars and corrupt tyrants.
Demonizing the Jews who are God`s chosen people and slaughtering six million of them come from years of propaganda, fake news, and slander by the Nazis.


Devils Workers

Today, the collective is doing the Devil’s work using the same tactics and has created and exploited one crisis after the next through lying and deception, oftentimes with little resistance.
And they still work like a charm and can be done in mass through technology and censorship. Satan has just repackaged the same old lies and we are repeating history once again.


Persecution of Christians

There are more persecutions of Christians now than at any other time in history including when Nero and the Romans were torturing and killing believers constantly. The Jews who were God`s chosen people are still the center of hatred today because of who they represent, God.
Soon, for the first time in American history, we will witness relentless attacks on true Christians who refuse to submit to the Devil’s lies which are now being used by this lawless government, big tech, social media, and businesses to try and force submission to a godless and evil narrative of lies.

If you think you can remain neutral and indifferent think again.

We will not be able to ignore what is happening globally as they tighten their grip on control and oppression. Each of us will be forced to make difficult decisions.
We can fall in line and preserve this life or submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and He will give us eternal life with Him.


Jesus is the Answer!

We all deserve God to judge us but He provided a substitute in Christ and paid our sin debt in full.
Ask Him to forgive you and repent for the Lord is coming soon and those who do not know Him will experience judgment.
No one comes to Jesus unless the Holy Spirit draws you to Him. So if you know God is speaking to you, surrender to Him now and do not put it off.
God bless you.
The Illuminati Exposed – Myron Fagan – Chuva Chandra