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The Real Pandemic


    slums in Manila, Phillippines
    Manilla, Philippines

    Think about the millions of people living in poverty worldwide for just a moment.

    They have no savings, they have no voice, and they, in many cases, have little to no access to the things that so many of us take for granted each day. Things like indoor plumbing, refrigerators, microwaves, and other modern conveniences and technologies we think are essential to our lives. Health care and hygiene, transportation, and even education are things that are all oftentimes out of reach for those living in conditions that many would find to be sub-human.

    Locking down the poor is a death sentence.

    Unlike the fake pandemic which is a very minimal risk for the massive majority of people on the planet. But that is of little consequence for those whose only aim is to manipulate and control the world. Unlike the United States, many around the world who live in poverty have no help from their government regarding unemployment or aid. Even in cases where they do, it is like sticking a bandaid on a broken leg, doing little to no good at all. In places like Bangladesh, the poverty rate has doubled as a result of shutting down society. 25% of the population now lives below the poverty level, and 55% are considered the vulnerable poor who are just above the national poverty line and hanging on by a thread.

    image of chain and lock

    In the Philippines, there was an estimated 22% increase in teenage pregnancies during the pandemic lockdowns which were among the most strict in the world. Even married couples forced to be locked down for up to 19 months with no access to birth control have led to unwanted pregnancies and undernourished babies with low birth rates and all of the complications that go along with it.

    And yet no one among the so-called experts paraded on networks like CNN and CSNBC seems to care. Rather they want everyone to focus on a virus that is not killing in mass as those in power have claimed through fear-mongering and lies.

    Also in the Philippines, a massive pool of poor now suffer the real danger of starvation in the slums while the super-rich and politically connected continue to prosper and live by a double standard. Scaring people through fake news and immoral propaganda aimed to convince the innocent that leaving the home is a danger to themselves and others is an unacceptable practice. Keeping children out of school who are more likely to be harmed from isolation than a virus is foolishness, yet so many have no voice or choice in the matter.

    It is beyond human reasoning that we still listen to the same voices that have been spouting off nonsense and have politicized the health of the world for their ideological benefits and narrative. They are silently killing the most vulnerable and weak among us and it is past time we grow a spine and quit allowing the systematic destruction of these precious lives made in the likeness of the God of creation. They do not seek a handout, but rather the freedom to earn enough money through their hard work to eat and provide for their basic needs.

    The real pandemic is coming from the ruling class, freemasons, and wicked people whose intention for the world is to be under their complete and total control.


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