God is with us in times of trouble


Whenever we are faced with difficulties, troubles, heartaches, and trials, it is easy to allow them to consume our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. But, we are not alone.

Why America is lost but won`t be Found

“it is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt when they degenerate into a populace that they are incapable of exercising sovereignty.” America is lost.

How do I Hear God Speaking to Me?

How do I hear God speak to me? A voice that I can only hear if I reach some spiritual level that few reach? Many are confused about this issue, which I will explain in this post.

End Time Deception and God`s Judgement

end time deception

End-time deception can now be seen in the light of our own media, big tech, and social platforms who continue to deceive the masses through censorship and misinformation.

Time to wake up and read the bible.

Read the bible, When it comes to reading, the common practice in our culture has been to read-only for pleasure or what is necessary to survive and a little more.