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I created this website to speak up for truth and sanity in a world gone mad. A tidal wave of fake news, lies, and hypocrisy has flooded America and around the world.

Truth is nowhere to be found in the new narrative being broadcasted by the left through mainstream and social media. We are all being censored and are under the surveillance of big tech, social media, and the government.

Riots and lawlessness have been allowed to continue in our nation’s cities as though it is some special right for those who consider themselves to be victims.

If you should disagree, then you are racist and canceled.

I don`t pretend to be an expert on anything.

But what I do understand is right from wrong and good from evil.

And we can see those who do evil no longer bother to hide it and have become bold and blatant. America is no longer a Christian nation and the world has become indifferent and even hostile towards Christianity.

That is not by accident nor have we come close to seeing how bad it is going to get. The Holy Spirit through the body of Christ restrains evil in this world and as the number of wicked increases and those who know Christ become a smaller percentage, wickedness will increase.

As bad as things seem now, once the Church is taken away all hell is going to break loose on this earth and God is going to rain down His judgments over a seven-year period called the great tribulation.

Even with all the death, disasters, and obvious signs that God is sending His judgments, people on the earth will still not repent or give God the glory but will gnash their teeth and curse at Him.

Right now is a difficult;lt time to be a Christian as it has been for many believers throughout history. But, we are also the only people who know what is going to happen and have the only solution and way to escape God`s judgment.

While we have to be in the world, we are not to be of the world but are to be separate and different in that we follow and obey Christ. We must not worry about trying to please men but please God, not focused on gains in this life but laying up treasures in heaven.

I already know how all of this will end because God tells us how. But, that does not relieve me of my responsibility to speak up when injustice is in my face. When those in places of authority are oppressive and evil, mocking the very God who allows them any authority at all, I have a responsibility to hold on to and speak the truth.

God is in total control of this universe. this country, and this world. It is so easy to become discouraged, confused, or feel hopeless with so much evil seemingly dominating the globe today.

But just as God raised up Pharo who oppressed and opposed God`s people, God is allowing all that we see happening as part of His plan to redeem His elect and judge the world.

Our responsibility is to be obedient to the word of God, Be continually filled with His Spirit, resist the Devil, stand firm, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Deception is growing stronger.

The grip of satanic-anti-Christ control is slowly choking out the world.

People are afraid to speak up and speak out against tyranny which only causes it to become worse.  

Spiritual warfare is identified in scripture as a reality in the O.T. and the N.T. We see evil (spiritual forces of darkness, Satan, demons) rear its ugly head in the same way as in the historical past, and we cannot afford to ignore it.

The Bible pulls back the curtain and allows humanity a glimpse into the spiritual universe God has made and the war that rages. Satan is attacking, and we must speak up and speak out for truth and expose this for what it is.

The war is real; Satan is real. Heaven and hell are real. The best part is that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King Kings, and even the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church.

I do know who sets the standard for truth, and His name is Jesus Christ.
America and its freedoms may be lost, but we do not have to be. Open your bible and listen to the truth.

Let Jesus be the Lord of your life.

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep gaining what he cannot lose.”

Keep the faith.

Micheal Kennedy
Micheal Kennedy
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