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Clarence Thomas exposed the biggest lie Democrats tell with one brutal questionPATRIOT PULSE  LINK

Defending the Republic – Sidney Powel / RUMBLE / TRUTH AND LIBERTY COALITION LINK

Lawsuit: Facebook Overpaid FTC by $5 Billion to Shield Zuckerberg/ By Michelle Edwards -September 22, 2021 /UNDERCOVER DC– LINK

Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood! / RUMBLE  video –   LINK

Gut-wrenching plea for help! January 6th detainee`s tell-all – letter to the American public from DC GITMO- please help this abused man/ THE GATEWAY PUNDIT LINK

GOP Senator Demands John Kerry’s Resignation For Alleged Iran Revelations Leaked tape reveals Kerry giving covert Israel intel to IranFORBES BREAKING NEWS  LINK

The Chinese Communist Party is killing citizens for their organs to support a billion-dollar #murderfororgans industry. / International coalition to end transplant organ abuse in China / endtransplantabuse.orgLINK

New Book Details Biden’s Involvement In Lucrative Deal With China: ‘Was Expecting A 10 Percent Cut’ /By Mike LaChance -Nov. 30, 2021 AMERICAN LOOKOUT LINK

Bannon: We’re Winning And They Know It – They HATE You /  by Alisha Rodriguez / December 10, 2021 / THE REPUBLICAN BRIEF – LINK

Democrats Are Quietly Investing in China, And ‘Fact Checkers’ Are Liars. (Podcast) THE NATIONAL PULSE LINK

Bannon keynote Pima County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner – Did you fight to make America great again? (video) RUMBLE  LINK

Major arrest made in Durham investigation as federal authorities nab dossier source CONSERVATIVE BRIEF –  LINK

Is Fake News a Myth? – Sharyl Attkisson – Lecture – youtube channel –  HILLSDALE COLLEGE  LINK

Judge Jeanine: The American people see through the Democrat’s lies / Aug. 23, 2020 / FOX NEWS  LINK

5 Questions To Ask “Democratic Socialists” | Liz Wheeler / YOUNG AMERICAS FOUNDATION / LINK

China Again Threatens the US with “Unbearable Cost” Over Taiwan / By Joe Hoft / Published December 30, 2021 / GATEWAY PUNDIT / LINK

Incapable IRS Sends Bizarre Warning to Every American / By Jay Sekulow / Jan. 11, 2022 / American Center for Law and Justice / ACLJ – LINK

Be concerned that China is a shadow owner in the US pork industry / by Taylor Hunt / Jan. 12, 2022 / WASHINGTON EXAMINER  LINK

“If Your Mother – Your Sister Were Getting Raped in Those Camps – Would You Still Think About Money?” – NBA Player Enes Kanter Freedom Destroys Disgusting NBA Owner Over Uyghur Comments (VIDEO) / By Jim Hoft / Jan.17, 2022 / GATEWAY PUNDITLINK

 How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape / by Sharyl Attkisson  THE EPOCH TIMESLINK Subscribe to The Epoch Times newsletters: LINK

Group Sues Biden Admin. Over Terrorist Funding / Jan. 21, 2022 / Video / OAN NEWSROOMLINK

Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies / by Larry Elder / Jan. 13, 2022 / TOWNHALL LINK