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New Restrictions, Same old liars



    Lying becomes normal and trivial to those who practice it and use it every day. Still, I am always surprised that people seem to have no conscience when they mislead and harm others with their deception. We are seeing people whose conscience is seared and who care only about their extreme obsession for power and control.

    Suddenly, there is a push for new restrictions from the same old liars in another attempt to control our lives. How can anyone keep a straight face as they arrogantly demand Americans be vaccinated when thousands are walking across our southern border every day and have no restrictions or accountability? Does Covid not count if we get it from an illegal?


    Do they only carry a non-dangerous strain of the CCP Virus? Biden banned the free press from going to the border and reporting on the crisis he created. This way, he could continue to use the Virus as a tool to restrict legal citizens of this country while ignoring the illegals streaming across our border every day.

    And the drug Cartels now run the border between Mexico and America. If this is not insanity, I am not sure what it is. We are being threatened and coerced by the fascist Biden administration, collaborating with private businesses, big tech, and the media to control the narrative and enforce their unconstitutional and intrusive policies down our throats. The government cannot force us to take a shot, but they can get private businesses and the media to label you as a domestic terrorist and place restrictions on where you can go or what you can do.

    Control not Science

    Already we see universities refusing students who are not vaccinated, restaurants and stores posting signs which restrict non-vaccinated patrons, and government-funded institutions requiring fake masks as if they do anything other than suffocate those who wear them. (Read the label on the box, hello?) We are all at risk when big companies are on board with a lawless administration.

    I recently took a 17-hour ride on an Amtrak train from St. Louis to Texas, where the only thing we heard from the staff was,” put on your mask and cover your mouth and nose because it is a federal mandate.” The staff was unorganized and useless in promptly getting people on and off because their number one job was to make sure everyone wore a mask from beginning to end. And people likely believed that kept them safe, which is so very sad. Every seat on the train was taken and we were packed together like sardines. Masks? What foolishness.

    But think about it, if we all fall in line, and ignore the truth, science, reality, and our own well-being, the possibilities are endless. And, if we continue to accept all the lies and corruption of the past 2 years, remain silent, and look the other way as this administration commits one crime after another, then they can do anything they want. And guess what? They will.

    The Federal Government went from servant to master

    Identify the target and attack! The push is on to vilify and discredit anyone who chooses not to get a shot. I am not sure how physicians keep their license to practice medicine when they make claims proven false and misleading. Of course, they failed to produce the millions of people lying dead in the streets.

    Doctors take an oath to, ” do no harm.” However, these days it seems they would rather be liars and violate their oath than have any sense of morality and decency. After all, many doctors today ignore what is best for patients and have become puppets for the Pharmaceutical monsters.

    The “fake pandemic” did not produce the millions of victims lying dead on the streets, but that didn’t keep them from a non-stop fearmongering campaign in an attempt to convince us otherwise. We already knew before the outbreak that wearing masks did not prevent the spread of a virus. Social distancing is made up, and lockdowns cause far more collateral damage and only prolong the inevitable spreading of it.

    This Current administration is not worried about the virus or our health

    What makes it exceptionally evil is that some Democrat politicians who seized power over their states intentionally failed to protect those at the greatest risk by placing infected seniors into nursing homes. Lawless mobs were allowed to gather in huge numbers without practicing social distancing or lockdown restrictions the rest of us were forced to observe. Instead, they were given immunity to riot, burn, and loot the private property of innocent people, mock the police, and make our communities unsafe.

    There is no way to restrict all movement and isolate everyone, no matter how bad the virus is.

    But the bias and selective lockdown enforcement reveal that what they say and do are two different things. Double standards and a steady stream of lies. The CCP allowed their citizens to fly all over the world and spread the virus to every country and at the same time locked the rest of their citizens up tighter than a drum.

    The same illogical and deceptive behavior is going on in America, where we are given a set of unconstitutional restrictions to follow while illegals are free to roam all over the country and spread drugs, crime, and the virus anywhere they want.


    People need to remove the blinders and see how evil the CCP and the radial left democrats are. They are both operating in deception and are set on the destruction of our liberties. All of us are being forced to walk along their fabricated road to nowhere. In reality, this road will take people someplace called death and destruction. It serves the god of this age and ignores the individual value our Creator has given us.

    While the left claims they want justice, they remove all morality and history from public life. This same group has claimed there are no absolute truths while telling us what we can or cannot do and defining what we are supposed to accept as absolute. We must tolerate everything while they tolerate nothing from anyone who disagrees or refuses to comply with their demands. Evil never takes a vacation and works around the clock to steal, kill, and destroy any representation of God.

    America is simply in the way and the biggest obstacle for evil to rule unopposed.

    This is because our founders did everything they could to de-centralize government power and protect our individual rights, which is the exact opposite of what we see happening now. As a result, our constitution has allowed for the most prosperous and free people on the planet. Furthermore, our constitution was founded on Christian principles, and all of us have certain rights that the state cannot violate.


    No Common Sense

    The restrictions never made any sense, and while Walmart was open for business, your family store was not. Um, how is that logical? Was the virus scared to go into Walmart? Does it make sense to funnel all the people into the same few stores?

    Would it not make more sense to leave all businesses open, giving people more choices and spreading everyone out? How naive we all are to accept such nonsense and hypocrisy. We are not sub-human because we do not have a giant corporation or millions of dollars. We are all equal in terms of value and the ability to make our own decisions for our lives.

    Government is not the solution; they are the problem,

    Especially when they have too much power and control. God gives us our rights and value, and not the federal government or politicians. God demands I treat others the way I want others to treat me. Is that how politicians, academia, and communists operate?

    These people think they are gods, and we are too stupid and unqualified to make our own choices and live our lives independently of them. Centralized power only creates widespread injustice and if you don’t believe me, spend some time with those who have fled countries that have embraced the Marxist ideology and communism.

    Socialism and Communism

    The radical democratic party of socialists, the communists in our government, anti-freedom men and women sitting on the local school boards, and city counsels, all needed the virus to do more damage and take longer than it did. But when it didn’t, they dragged their feet and resisted anything returning to normal in society.

    It is so much easier if they can do it all at once while we are out of the way. Once in place, they can easily control and manipulate us like cattle with little resistance and no other options available. While you and I tried to figure out how to earn a living sitting on the couch, the communists were putting the final touches on the public indoctrination of our children, grabbing all the land and housing, and writing countless new laws that contradict and ignore the constitution and our God-given rights.

    Chaos and Distractions

    They needed to open the borders to create this large population of unaccountable illegals who can create endless problems for our country and drain our resources. They will also be allowed to vote (as if our votes count anyway).

    This has left us all vulnerable to those who want to destroy America, practice lawlessness, and take what doesn’t belong to them. In addition, this will also help create more fear and division among Americans and help maintain a high level of illegal activity and crime. We can already see the writing on the wall as they ramp up the rhetoric and begin to influence the masses with more lies and deceptions about COVID and vaccines.

    Republican RINOs are now chirping along with the radical left to insult and attack our freedom to choose. They use false information to make people feel guilty, inferior, and uneducated simply for making independent decisions. They want to convince those who comply that those who do not are a threat to their safety. If we choose safety over freedom, we will end up losing them both.

    God help you if you are labeled as an unvaccinated white supremacist who also litters. This administration will seek the death penalty for anyone who violates their fabricated climate change and global warming hoax. First, the government creates a crisis, and then they come in to offer a solution. Or should I say the mandate?

    The truth will do just fine. The facts don’t lie, and this “pandemic,” like the flu, is a real threat to the elderly population. But, having said that, it is not a major threat to the rest of us, even if we get it. So, offer protection for the most vulnerable people and quit trying to force everyone else to do things that make no sense.

    Never in world history has the death of less than 1% of a population been called a pandemic.

    What a lie. And even though many of us understood that fact long ago, they still want to lie and put on a show. I don’t care if the woke crowd decides to wear bags over their heads, don’t threaten me and my family then turn around and call me a danger to the county. They continue to talk out of the side of their neck and think we are blind.

    The lies and deception have caused millions of people to suffer and even die already.

    These intentional actions need to be accounted for, and those responsible need to be locked up. Remember, this is the same group that wants to go around slandering and labeling everyone and everything good, true, and moral. Democrats who seized power and continued to use this virus as a weapon seem to have no conscience at all. And we know what they did to the elderly in New York and other Democratic-run states.

    Do not ask questions and ignore what you see happening because even more radical things are coming soon.

    Do they call this progressive? We just went back a thousand years to a time when most people had no rights or protections and were ignorant in areas of health and science. But they were not as ignorant of morality and the word of God. The politicians threaten us with more restrictions, including mask mandates. They coerce and terrorize people who do not take the vaccine.

    The truth is not pleasant but ignoring history and facts only make things worse.

    They continually point to a compromised world health organization instead of the experts in medicine who have not sold out the CCP. Follow the science? They operate according to science fiction. Vaccinations do not make us immune from COVID. We all know that there is no way to protect everyone from the flu or the common cold. While flu shots are available each year, it is your choice to get one or not. And even if you get a shot, you still may get the flu anyway. So trying to deceive people by somehow claiming the government has the solution to the current virus is absurd.

    I wonder where the line is in the sand, so to speak, where people will not take anymore. Is it the loss of prosperity, freedom, children, health, justice, or truth? Where is the line that, when crossed, people will stand up and do something? Many Americans still do not see the big picture or understand what is about to happen. Others are profiting from it and are exploiting us.

    One group has seized power and is attempting to control everything and everyone. I think there is a growing number of people who are beginning to smell something rotten. They reject the propaganda and lies pouring out through mainstream news and social media but think it’s just politics. Or, they have no idea what to do about any of it. Some people have a good understanding of what has been taking place. However, As they try to warn others, it’s like trying to wake someone who is in a coma.

    The attitude I see from some horrifies me.

    Millions of people do not seem to care about what is going on right now, but they will. And I am willing to speak up for them as well; they are still Americans. The reality is that this last group has been ineffective at stopping the woke train of destruction. The radical agenda to destroy America continues unopposed and unafraid as millions of people pay no attention to what the deep state radicals are doing. Evil dictators only focus on more personal wealth and power, and the rest of us are expendable. The war today is a spiritual one between truth and lies, and we are losing badly.

    To remain silent is to side with the oppressor.

    We saw how they lied over and over about Trump, which led to two fake impeachments. They relentlessly pushed for mail-in ballots and did everything they could to make the elections vulnerable to fraud. That worked out as planned, and they overturned 240 years of free elections in this country. We saw how they censored information and repeated lies over and over about the CCP Virus. Using a corrupt, unelected official controlled by the CCP has resulted in the loss of life, liberty, and freedom worldwide.

    We tolerated all forms of government manipulated and controlled education, leading to open Marxist ideology in schools. They needed to incorporate the full-blown version of stupid complete with vaccines, all of your child’s family affiliations such as religion and political views, permanent masks and social distancing, and redefinition of sex, biology, and science. They also continue to attack and change our nation’s history.

    Only then will schools be open for business because it is not about any of those issues. It is about the revolution. And they plan to use our kids to put the nails in the coffin containing freedom and justice for all. They hope to bury once and for all any chance to regain what we have thrown away by our indifference and selfishness. Americans were so afraid that we gave up all our rights for a false sense of security and comfort. In the end, we will have no security, no comfort, and no rights.

    God created us for Himself and not so that we could follow Satan and his doctrine of demons. He alone is God and worthy of our worship and honor. He alone determines truth and absolutes and is the only hope we have. We cannot follow Christ and ignore truth and morals. But Satan always creates an illusion and makes false promises because if we know the Truth, the Truth will set us free.


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