New Restrictions Same Old Liars


The Federal government went from servant to master.

Lying and deceiving becomes normal and trivial to those who practice it and use it every day.

Still, I am always surprised that people seem to have no conscience when they mislead and harm others with their deception. What we are seeing is people whose conscience is seared and who only care only about their extreme obsession for power and control. 

Suddenly, there is a push for new restrictions from the same old liars in another attempt to control our lives. How can anyone keep a straight face as they arrogantly demand Americans be vaccinated when thousands are walking across our southern border every day and have no restrictions or accountability? Does COVID not count if we get it from an illegal? Not to mention politicians who demand we lock down and are seen eating out at restaurants, parties, vacations not following the laws they  force on us. showing themselves to be complete hypocrites. 

These same corrupt politicians want to put a mask on your 6 year old child, demand a vaccine ID when they know it is a joke. And no vaccine exists that can prevent COVID. Sorry, n0 such thing.

This video was posted on Rumble titled “Medical Expert’s Methodical Deconstruction of CDC’s Botched COVID Response.

This took place at the Mount Vernon community school board meeting on August 6, 2021. Fact and truth are not what we get from this government. The link to the video on Rumble.

They are mocking us by propping up a man unfit to be the janitor of a elementary school as president. Obviously his only decision each day is what flavor ice cream to eat. the arrogance and evil coming out this corrupt administration is mind-blowing. Clearly Obama is back in office, illegally, picking up where he left off- removing all of our rights and destroying this country.

The Exploitation and creation of Crisis all happening together are not by accident. This is what it looks like when Communism makes a hostile takeover of a free nation. 

They shock you with unjustified violence as we have already seen for a year, use lies and the media to create and exploit fear of things that are no where near as bad as they make it out to be, and begin to change policies often times illegally. There simply are no rules for these people because their ruler is lawless. 

They do it in your face and dare you to stop them. Once the police and state officials are on board you have no hope of defending yourself from the tyranny that Follows.

We are already to the point where there are not enough honest, decent politicians and lawmakers who can stop the dam from flooding the town. Folks its coming, and while God restrains evil, this is clearly judgement on this nation which has turned its back of him in every possible way.


This is real fascism

The Biden administration has been and continues to collaborated with private businesses, big tech, and the media to control the narrative and enforce their unconstitutional and intrusive policies down our throats.

The government cannot force us to take a shot, but they can and have labeled us as domestic terrorist if all we do is support Trump. They use private businesses to censor truth and place restrictions on where you can go or what you can do.

Already we see universities refusing students who are not vaccinated, restaurants and stores posting signs which restrict non-vaccinated patrons, and government-funded institutions requiring fake masks as if they do anything other than suffocating those who wear them.

We are all at risk when big companies are on board with a lawless administration.

I recently took a 17-hour ride on Amtrak train from St. Louis to Texas, where the only thing we heard from the staff every 30 minutes was,” put on your mask and cover your mouth and nose because it is a federal mandate.”

The staff was unorganized and useless in promptly getting people on and off because their number one job was to make sure everyone wore a mask from beginning to end. And people likely believed that kept them safe, which is so very sad.

Every seat on the train was taken and we were packed together like sardines. Masks? What foolishness. 

But think about it, if we all fall in line, ignore the truth, science, reality, and our own well-being, the possibilities are endless.

And, if we continue to accept all the lies and corruption of the past 2 years, remain silent, and look the other way as this administration commits one crime after another, then they can do anything they want.

And guess what? They will.

Identify the target and attack!

The push is on to vilify and discredit anyone who chooses not to get a shot. I am not sure how physicians keep their license to practice medicine when they make claims proven false and misleading.

Doctors take an oath to, ” do no harm.” However, these days it seems a large number of them would rather sacrifice their patients well being and violate their oath than to risk their positions or jobs. 

After all, many doctors have been  ignoring what is best for patients for decades and have become puppets for the Pharmaceutical monsters.

The “fake pandemic” did not produce the millions of victims lying dead on the streets, but that didn’t keep them from a non-stop fearmongering campaign in an attempt to convince us otherwise.

What it did produce was billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry, give more power to the government, and trample over our constitutional rights.

We already knew before the outbreak that wearing masks did not prevent the spread of the virus. Social distancing is made up, and lockdowns cause far more collateral damage and only prolong the inevitable spreading of it.  

They are not worried about the virus or our health.

What makes it exceptionally evil is that some Democrat politicians who seized power over their states intentionally failed to protect those at the greatest risk by placing infected seniors into nursing homes.

Lawless mobs were allowed to gather in huge numbers without practicing social distancing or lockdown restrictions the rest of us were forced to observe. Instead, they were given immunity to riot, burn, and loot the private property of innocent people, mock the police, and make our communities unsafe.

There is no way to restrict all movement and isolate everyone, no matter how bad the virus. But the bias and selective lockdown enforcement reveal that what they say and do are two different things.

Solutions?? Are there any?

I do not believe that God is going to remove this judgement we are experiencing in America or the world for that matter. All things are under His authority and happen according to His will and timing. All things. So none of this is an accident or God failing to fight off evil. God is allowing what is happening and even thought things are bad, we can see some restraint if we are paying attention. The devil may be powerful but he is still Gods Devil  and can only do what God allows, just as in the case of Job

I for one need to vent my frustrations and this seems to help but I understand that as a believer I cannot become violent or lawless even if my government is. It is very difficult to find anyone who wants to talk about what is going on or who seems to even care. Sure makes it obvious just how far America has moved away from God  and have become lovers of self and pleasure  When we sit by and watch our children’s future ruined, the constitution destroyed, morality flipped upside down, and Truth attacked, that is not something to be proud of. 

These things are bad but at the same time they are leading into the last days of man and the ushering in of the anti-Christ just as God Said.

What is amazing is that the United Nations adopted policies years ago specifically for that purpose yet no one even noticed. If you don’t believe me your can read it with your own eyes here, New World Order 

Even though we understand that the road ahead is not pleasant, we can be sure that the God of our salvation will deal with all unrighteousness and avenge his people. We are called to stand and speak truth in love. We cannot make people in government or who support harmful policies the enemy. Yes, they may in fact be enemies of God but God can use us to spread the gospel and truth and with Him nothing is impossible.

He is patient not wanting anyone to perish but all to be saved. And We do not know who will be saved and who will not, that is up to God. 

In the coming days as we see the forces of darkness begin to squeeze this world into submission, forcing a one world government, one world religion, and lost of freedom at home and abroad, we should submit to Christ all the more and be bold for him. It may cost our job, our home, and our life but what awaits us when our life here is finished is so far beyond our ability to understand that it has not even entered into our minds. 

I can imagine some pretty good things so it must be very good what God has prepared for those who love him.

Pray more, read the bible more, encourage each other with spiritual truths in the Word, and support the family of God with your giving, spiritual gifts, and love.

This is not our best life, this is not even close. We have the examples of Christ, the Apostles, and the early Christian leaders who endured such injustice and hardship yet remained faithful. They did not focus on the oppressors, their rights, or trying to change the worlds corrupt systems. The focused on living holy and  using every opportunity to spread the gospel. Most of them were martyred for proclaiming truth and refusing to give glory to man that belongs to God alone.

Liars will continue to lie, many among us will  betray us and we may find ourselves in the most unfair situations and injustices. Just remember that nothing can happen to us that God does not all0w and he will never leave nor forsake us. 

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me-practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. “
Philippians 4: 8,9 



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