Hypocrisy And Injustice Are Marching On!

dark clouds over D.C.

What is Injustice?

The condition of being unfair and lacking justice, or unfair action.

We have a perfect example of injustice from President Biden, who opened up the borders with total disregard for our immigration laws and national security. Without the resources for COVID testing (which he claims is so bad that Americans must take a vaccine)  or searching for drugs, sex traffickers, and terrorism.
Overwhelmed at the border, states are left to defend themselves. Yet, at the same time, Biden claims white racism is the big threat to America and completely ignores the crisis he created along with his vice president, who is just as irresponsible.
Our so-called commander in chief left the back door wide open and exposed this country to more danger than any other president in history.

That is an obvious example of injustice for Americans

This country is being forced to accept illegals from over 140 countries in record numbers. In addition, the estimated two million illegals  are coming in with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
He refuses to allow the press to film or cover the crisis he created to make matters worse. How is that for leadership? The hypocrisy is outrageous and unacceptable! Injustice is taking the place of justice for Americans, and we had better wake up and fight back.

This is the same liberal deep state… 

that insists that we wear masks, practice social distancing, and lose our jobs by staying home.
But they do not stop there because not only can illegals come right on over, but some states will give them money. Your money. On top of that, provide motels, housing, welfare, unemployment, and allow them to vote.
How is this not injustice in the most extreme way?

You and I cannot board a plane and travel unless we take a vaccine.

And if they had their way, all 50 states would still be on lockdown.
Wait a minute, are you allowing thousands per day to stream across our border with a proven higher rate of COVID? (much higher) However, it seems that there is no need for silly COVID tests. But we cannot travel without getting a vaccine? 
California is run by a liberal governor who has gone mad. He is behaving like he is the dictator of the state. 
Governor Gavin Newsom continues to force California residents to lock down, ignoring their rights and freedoms. He has ignored the science and evidence we have, proving none of the restrictions even work.
But remember, folks, in their minds, it does work because they control people and stall Americans for more time to finish the massive reset they started.
And if they had their way, all 50 states would still be on lockdown.
Wait a minute, are you allowing thousands per day to stream across our border with a proven higher rate of COVID? (much higher) However, it seems that there is no need for silly COVID tests. But we cannot travel without getting a vaccine? 

So what About all of the Poor and Homeless Americans?

They will now have to get in line behind illegal immigrants.
Speaking of getting inline, that includes our children, many of whom still are not in school even though the teachers are being paid. The toxic woke teachers union does not feel safe to teach kids who are the least affected group of humans by COVID and pose no risk to teachers.
However, teachers are flocking to the border to teach illegals. They may feel like Mother Teresa but are behaving as total hypocrites. Unfortunately, it seems to be a recurring theme among liberals.
In January 2019, the estimated homeless population totaled over 567,715 using emergency response logs, homeless shelter registers, and food pantry data in one night.

For Illegals; free Everything that you and I will be Paying for.

They are illegally crossing our borders because Biden invited them all in. (our government was even running promotional ads in some countries)
In New York, each illegal can apply for a 15,000 loan once they arrive as our way of saying we are so sorry for what Sam Houston did to…I am kidding. But not about the 15,000.
The motels at the border are packed beyond capacity (yes, we are paying for that), and border patrol can no longer do its job with only a fraction performing any border security.
An estimated 1,000 illegals are crossing the border undetected every day. We have no idea who they are, where they came from, or what they plan to do.

Congress Should Impeach Biden!

But unfortunately, we, the people, are not supported by either party in Washington D.C. 
We have sat and watched for years baseless, evil attacks on our president for doing nothing. At the same time those who have created the greatest witch hunt in all of history are involved in every lawless, hypocritical act possible. 
An area in Fresno, California was hit very hard with a sudden surge of illegals. Those illegals who were committing crimes and damaging property could do so without fear of being stopped or arrested because the police would doing nothing.

They cannot turn illegals over to Ice. Biden stopped that as well.

It isn’t so painful to see others dealing with this problem until it lands on your front lawn. But by then, it’s too late.
If you still do not believe that communists are purposely trying to destroy our way of life and seize control, then no amount of evidence or proof is going to change your mind.
None of this is accidental but very deliberate and planned.
Biden throws us under the bus and tells illegals to come here and take whatever they want. No rules or restrictions for his new army of illegal voters. That is injustice defined!

Where is the outrage?

We have witnessed  unthinkable harm done to us by our government, including election fraud. Is anyone left in positions of authority who has not sold their soul to the Devil? One has to wonder.
The radical democratic party is now full-blown communist, and at the same time, I cannot trust this republican party. Would you believe just yesterday some more RINOS broke ranks to help the radicals cancel one of the best representatives we the people have?
Sad to say, we no longer have any representation from either side except for a few lone warriors who are doing their job. Because so many RINOs are in D.C. now, it is becoming hard to tell the difference between the two parties.
This entire government is dysfunctional, unaccountable, and so far out of touch with normal people and problems; it just makes me sick.
And I am not saying we should riot and act like BLM.
Undoubtedly, Americans will continue to watch a vastly outnumbered part of our society burn our cities to the ground and indoctrinate our small children with critical race theory. That is where they tell your 5-year-old little girl she should be ashamed for being white and for what her great grandfather may or may not have done. Facts don’t matter- guilty! Guilty! Guilty! If someone had done that to my kid, I promise you I would not have sat there and ignored it.

If you Are still unsure of what injustice is, Just Read on…

A month or so before the election, Bernie Sanders spilled the beans, jokingly suggesting that they had everything in place to make sure Biden won the election.
Illegal last-minute voting changes that several states made, then got some woke judges to sign to allow for cheating and corruption, were successful.

On election night

Republicans were essentially not allowed to verify what was going on inside some of the election counting rooms.
We saw how once it seemed Joe was not going to win, the 5 states that Joe had to get help from immediately shut down the counting. They just stopped. Huh? A few hours later, tada, hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe that were unaccounted for. All of a sudden, he was getting 94 percent of all votes? And in fact, it has become obvious because Joe was getting all these supposed votes and yet the other Democrats on the ticket were not. Oops.
Democrats began blocking any attempts to audit or verify the count and have continued to do so even today. Little districts controlled by liberals have refused to cooperate with the state (this is against the law, by the way), refusing access or transparency with the election. And some of these states are trying to make sure they fix this before the next election, nope!
The facts begin to be overwhelming that the lockdown, isolation, and masks do nothing to prevent COVID, yet restrictions are tightened instead of lifted wherever liberals have power.
Governor of N.Y. took elderly who had COVID and placed them in nursing homes, causing a massive death toll. They were the only ones in real danger of this. Anyone under 70 who gets COVID has a 98.5 survival rate. South Dakota and Florida didn’t lockdown and had fewer fatalities than most who did. And Florida has one of the largest, if not the largest, population of older adults.

Biden rips off 40 executive orders.

And he did it in record time. Including wide-open borders and laws to protect boys pretending to be girls and showing just the kind of Marxist he is.
Riots allowed and even encouraged to continue. However, Burning and looting are not enough as radical democrat Maxine Waters calls for raising confrontation.
The media continues to fan the flame of racism while refusing to report the facts in any of the so-called police oppressions of blacks. Yet, not a single one is an example of racism unless you take CNN at their word.
We know for a fact in San Francisco, they had 3-times more deaths from drug overdoses than from covid-19 during the last year.
More disturbing Injustice – Divorce rates are skyrocketing.
Democrats have called for and supported defunding the police and have succeeded in doing just that.
Violent felons have been released from jails and prisons and are now back in your neighborhood, thanks to democrats. If they rob your home, you are out of luck, because they defunded the police.
Mass shootings are becoming more and more common.
The murder rate has risen as much as 56% in many of our largest cities.
Teen suicide has spiked and Many, if not all, of the top medical experts in pandemics and disease, have been canceled, censured, and silenced, leaving only a lie for America to follow.
Masks are still being required in many places, and while it is hard to believe, given the data and science, Americans are still being forced to lockdown and practice social distancing.

Democrat-run cities have defunded police departments.

I have always tried to respect and honor government and law enforcement. I worked as a Deputy Sheriff for several years in the jails. There was always some officer who was a jerk and caused more problems than they fixed. But to criminalize and defund the police, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
They created and are now completely ignoring the worst humanitarian crisis we have had in our countries history. What is sad is that a great many of them are kids. Not only are they allowing the drug cartels to decide who comes in and who does not, but Biden also is secretly using the military to fly them all over the country and relocate them during the night.
As soon as Biden could find a pen, thousands of Americans working on the pipeline lost their jobs. Not only did he intentionally harm Americans, but we are also officially no longer energy-dependent. Hey, how did those windmills work out for Texas?
How bout the desert of shame in California that is now a graveyard of broken solar panels? How is that for the environment, Arnold?
When people come here to escape oppressive countries, enjoy their freedom, make their millions, and turn woke? It turns my stomach. What unbelievable hypocrisy.

Yes, there is more Injustice

Democrats are desperately trying to pass their H1 Bill, which would remove any requirements to prove who you are when you vote (I.D.), allow illegals to vote, make it so you could vote multiple times, and take all the elections from the states and put the federal government in control. States who try to ensure their future elections are secure and fair are being punished by the Biden administration and labeled as radicals. ROFL! I cannot make this up.
Our government is creating one crisis after another to keep us in chaos while they systematically remove us from our rights and silence our voices.

This is Only The Beginning

The schools and government will be all Marxist and Communist-run institutions that benefit those considered victims for any reason they want to make up. Our national security and sovereignty will be things of the past, and just like in China, every word and action will be monitored and recorded both in public and in private.
AI and technology will be a tool for the state against us to maintain power and control. They will quickly stomp out any criticism or rebellion that challenges their authority and power.
Just like with the travel restrictions, moving the All-Star game away from a state that would not follow their rules, this wicked and ungodly administration will continue punishing any opposing views by using the control they have within many of the large and powerful companies and industries. Organizations and companies will continue to do cartwheels to rush to side with the deep state. Why? Because they will be canceled, isolated, and ground into dust if they do not.
While ignoring the real problems they are rolling out the most absurd fake science to date. Global Warming now termed “climate change” is a tool of mass control and oppression which does nothing but destroy the communities and populations being manipulated to believe these clowns control what only God can.
So helping the government boycott or defund whatever the administration tells them is not a problem. There are dozens and dozens more that I have not listed here. It seems like some nightmare, but it is happening, and we are losing America.
The injustice we see coming at us from every direction and being forced on us can grip us with fear, or we can rise as patriots and defend democracy for our children by standing for and supporting truth wherever we live and work.