God Ordained the Home, Satan Attacks it

God ordained the home Satan attacks it


God created the home and the family of one man and woman for life. He designed women to give birth to and nurture the children of the world. What more significant cause could there be? But Satan comes along and brings his bag of discontentment and pride, and we are taken down a road far from God`s design and purpose. And he never stops attacking the home because God created the home before any other institution. Home is the foundation for all societies in the world. No exceptions. The first society that decides to eliminate family will be the last.

Most of us have experienced firsthand the damage caused by divorce and children born out of wedlock. Sweeping across our nation like a plague, kids are now growing up without both parents at alarming rates. The scale has been tipped, and the rare has become the norm. The results are indisputable, with crime, sex, violence, and lack of knowledge of right and wrong rising as the family is falling.

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained. Having a family guarantees that you have a built in support system, and although that support system may not always be what you want it to be, when it comes down to the wire, your family will love you and stand behind you, no matter what.”

Winston Churchill

Communism will educate your kids differently

Chairman Mao used China’s youth named the “wolf-cubs” to destroy the heart and soul of the Chinese people and 5,000 years of history, culture, and growth. These kids were brutal and destructive, tearing up books, art, monuments, and churches. They beat and murdered Chinese people throughout China. This is how communism controls people. In total, through the most extreme communism, man has seen, Mao’s reign of terror killed 60 million Chinese through wars, murder, and starvation.

Mao was taking the food from the farmers without leaving enough to feed themselves and the community. He then took the food and traded it to other countries to pay off debts and buy expensive military weapons and munition. Forget about the starving people. Then they spent a vast amount of money and resources expanding and defending communism in various wars and conflicts. If nothing else this proves that young children can be turned into destructive monsters if given over to the state. Parents, not the government should raise children.

War against families and kids

We are in a spiritual war, just as Paul said we are. However, it is fought with ideology and is between good and evil. Parents have their hands full raising children today with the rapid decline in moral values. Our culture is influenced by movies and media who constantly lower the standards of what is acceptable. It is not going away. The devil and his demons will not stop coming after God, morals, and the family. The family, just like the government, is a God-created institution. Communism has relentlessly attacked any family values, including religion. Everything and everyone seems to be a threat to evil. This has led to widespread slaughter within the countries where it takes hold.

Doing Home Alone

Too often dads and moms must raise kids by themselves, work full time, and somehow try to raise good kids when they cannot be there much of the time.

As a result, kids bounced back and forth between parents who are no longer together in situations that put a strain on everyone. In addition, parents are often hostile toward each other and live by entirely different sets of rules and lifestyles, which negatively affects the children. Broken families are a  recipe for disaster, and while all suffer, the kids suffer the most. So the solution the radicals have is to eliminate it.

When the head of the home is removed from authority, the home is destroyed

Gone is the spiritual leadership, provision, protection, and discipline families should be getting from dad. I have heard for many years the stats about how kids who come from broken homes are at a much higher risk for things like drugs and promiscuous sex. Unfortunately, those things have been normalized among younger and younger children, with each generation paving the way for even more.

And kids who are raised in 2 parent homes are now exposed to those who are not. In other words, this affects all of us. And kids need the discipline that fathers should enforce, but now no one is.

How can parents educate their kids while working full time, stressing over money, arguing over rights, and dealing with their hurts and pains from a break-up? No problem because the state is more than happy to step in and take over, indoctrinating our children with Marxist garbage straight out of hell itself.

No matter how hard we try, raising even one kid by yourself is not equal to a two-parent home. And it is the very differences in men and women which combined work to raise families.

Spanking a child in love for their good is not abuse

Parents should educate their kids at home by using the rod of correction. This prepares them to go out into the world and not cause complete anarchy and disrespect authority and law.

And no matter what subject we talk about, there are always some exceptions to the norm. But foolish people have pushed for the elimination of good things because of a few bad apples. News flash, you can never stop harmful behavior by making laws or changing policy. You can only discourage it and punish it when it occurs. But you don’t punish everyone.

When your neighbor gets a speeding ticket, the cops don’t write a ticket for the entire neighborhood. Only the one in violation of the law is punished.

Discipline is Part of Love

When you decide not to discipline, many of these kids end up in prison as they have no regard for authority and law. We discipline our kids out of love to train them up to learn right from wrong and the consequences for each decision as they grow.

11 “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, Nor detest His correction; 12 For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father, the son in whom he delights.” 

Proverbs 3:11-12

Love is not some warm cuddly feeling. Love does what is best for someone and not what is always easy or heartwarming. When we have discipline at home and law enforcement on the streets, they work together to discourage rebellious and sinful behavior we are all born with. No home is perfect, and law enforcement is not either, but God established authority to reward good and punish evil.

We must start where we are at

We know we do not always live in ideal circumstances. You may be a single parent through little or no fault of your own. I should know having raised my son as a single father. This does not change God`s design and will for the family. His standard needs to remain our standard. Beginning with a base ideology that accepts government as the educator of our children or the idea that the family unit is an oppressive institution will lead to more deprivation and suffering.

We all need to be discerning and recognize evil when it appears.

“Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain…’ Psalms 127:1