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We cannot ignore the increasing communist control and domination of our media any longer. And, we cannot blame someone else if we knowingly listen to lies and are clueless about what is going on in our world and country.

So, we can continue to listen to the fake news or the real news. The choice is ours. It may sound harsh, yet many people blow it off in indifference or denial when anyone speaks up about mainstream media’s blatant disregard for our freedom of speech.  

Freedom is never free.

And truth, at least in this life, will constantly be attacked and contested. But guess what? In the end, Jesus will rule the new heaven and new earth. Those who belong to Him will forever be with Him. There will be no more sin and no more wickedness when Christ sets up His kingdom.

Evil was defeated at the cross, and Christ is not coming back in a manger but as King and Judge. We can still choose. We still have choices in this country and are responsible for those choices. One of them is who we listen to.

To continue giving our attention and time to those who only seek to deceive and control us is foolishness and results in confusion and chaos.

Those who intentionally mislead, trick, and manipulate millions if not billions of people do so with no remorse or regret.

At least not now. We cannot afford to be concerned about the feelings of evil and the reaction that is sure to come when we speak up and stand up for truth. We must see through the deception and hold on to the truth. We are influenced by and make decisions based on the information we have.

But what if the information we have is biased, incomplete, and misleading?

We then have fake news that misleads and deceives us for the benefit of a select few.

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Micheal Kennedy
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