black or white truth or lies?


Fact or fiction? Do we see the world as it is or as we want it to be? And who influences how we see the world?  Is what we believe the truth or a bunch of lies? The answers to these questions are not the same for all. Our family, friends, media, religion, personal experiences, and education have contributed to developing our world views. 

As a result, perspectives range from passive to radical and everything in between. And now, we have to deal with mainstream and social media distorting what we see. Abusing their communication monopoly to censor, deceive, and indoctrinate us with their ideology. They are now in the driver’s seat and driving us off a cliff.

There is one perspective that is accurate and true all of the time; God`s.

Wicked, evil people seek to change right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies. Yet as believers, we can anchor our lives to the reality of His word and trust in Jesus Christ because He is truth, and He never changes. God only created one race, the human race. Humans have been made in the image of God. We have been given characteristics that reflect our creator, and He has assigned value to all human life.

All of us are accountable to Him for our sin and our lives, like it or not. God has brought judgment on this country for turning our backs on him and embracing paganism and immorality of every kind. We reap what we sow, and God has allowed us to experience the consequences of our sin and rebellion.

I want to talk about a topic that most are either afraid to talk about or are dishonest and biased to the point that they probably shouldn’t talk about it. I prefer this topic never come up again and that we could all move forward based on facts and history.  But as long as radical Marxists continue to lie and mislead people, it is necessary to respond with the truth and expose their schemes. A society where people are afraid to speak their minds for fear of being slandered, targeted, canceled, humiliated, insulted, censored, and even violently attacked is not a free society.

Radical left democrats and Marxist groups with false claims that everything is racist are lying through their teeth.

The truth is, the ones claiming racism are the most racist group America has seen in my lifetime. And what is so disturbing is that it is supported by and coming from our government. And up until recently, America has been the poster child of anti-racism and anti-discrimination.

No nation on the planet has more laws protecting the rights of its citizens and special privileges for minorities than America.

Yet, ANTIFA, BLM, Communist Party USA, the AFL-CIO, and the hundreds of other collectives operating inside this country seek to overthrow our constitution and republic. The lawless behavior and crimes are in no way justified, period.

On the contrary, they are traitors to our country and seek to destroy it.

That said, we cannot ignore the fact that so many young blacks in our nation’s inner cities have been lied to, predominantly raised in single-parent homes, robbed of proper education, lack options, opportunities, and male role models. Society tells them they are victims, and many are exposed to a culture filled with drugs, sex, and violence. Of course, this doesn’t excuse blacks or anyone who commits a crime, but none of it seems fair to the kids born into this reality.

Corrupt Democrat Controlled Cities

Many blacks fail or refuse to see that those in authority they support have done nothing but exploit and corrupt their communities with no accountability. And not just the white people in positions of power, but minorities who hold these local positions get sucked into corruption.

New Orleans

Political corruption was notorious in New Orleans even before Katrina (the category five hurricane flooded and destroyed much of the city in August 2005).

Democrat politicians, state and local, took money from the federal government for decades and found creative ways to allocate the funds to benefit themselves. We saw the result from years of corruption as the water broke through the flood walls and filled the city. But, unfortunately, corrupt New Orleans officials never used the federal money for its intended purpose. And people wanted to claim racism as the source of their misery.

I am sure that the hurricane could care less what color the people were when it destroyed entire towns.


Detroit, where the unemployment rate was as high as 40% with an estimated 60% illiteracy rate, looks like a third-world country. But, like New Orleans, Detroit is run by liberal democrats.

And many of the local democrats are minorities who are not improving their communities any more than whites are. Instead, they blame others when making bad decisions and seem to get a pass.

Yet, Democrats have managed to convince these communities that they are taking care of them and it is someone else’s fault. Of course, we are told to think that it’s all because of white oppression.


We cannot leave out the democratically controlled city of Chicago, which is little more than a war zone.

Chicago is run by possibly the worst mayor in history who keeps blaming the lockdowns for the massive spike in crime. The lockdowns that she and her liberal dictators forced on Americans in the first place. The murder rate has tripled in Chicago, yet offenses went down during the pandemic in every other country globally.

Nice try, mayor, but you may want to accept that defunding the police department and refusing to protect the private property and well-being of innocent people is the sole reason for the spike in crime. So in Chicago, you have an openly racist black mayor. So how is that working out for the black community?

San Francisco

San Francisco’s radical democrats have now made it legal to steal up to $900.00 from stores without fear of being charged with a crime. That is the democratic party of 2021, which is lawlessness and complete hatred for morality and freedom. How would you like people to walk into your home, take whatever they wanted, and walk out the door?

To make it worse, if you tried to stop them, you might be the one who is charged. As a result, stores are forced to close up early and are losing staggering amounts of money. Many stores will be forced out of business, except for the big corporations, which the government will compensate for complying with the communist agenda.

Unfortunately, the little company won`t last for long as they are left defenseless by their city officials. Do you think that will help small black businesses and communities?

Easy to mislead

It is not difficult to stir up people who believe they are victims. Especially when they have high illiteracy rates and low rates of opportunities, allow them to see what you want them to see and show it over and over again.

Never cover news and information that contradicts the narrative you have created. Then, anything or anyone that does oppose or expose your lies, call them a racist. Many young blacks have been convinced that widespread racism from police is based on one edited injustice shown thousands of times. Unfortunately, the media is relentless in its selective coverage, which creates a false perception of reality.

Facts, not slander, Truth not lies.

But what do the facts say? What is the real story about police shootings in America? The Washington Post created a database of every known police shooting in the country beginning in 2015.

As of April of 2021, there were 6,211 fatal shootings by police officers across the country.

  • 2,833 or 46% were white

  • 1,496 or 24% were black

While blacks are disproportionately higher per capita, they are also more likely to be arrested for committing violent crimes, which leads to more opportunities for violent clashes with police. In addition, it is blacks who commit ninety percent of all black killings. Yet, there is no outrage over this. Nor does the media talk about any of the 2,833 whites killed by police officers.

Those are not important to the cause.

Of all the fatal shootings for all races, only 6% were unarmed but even then warranted lethal force in almost every case. The irresponsibility of media using a rare exception and pretending like it happens all the time shows their extreme level of activism and corruption.

They could care less about black lives, or they would be more outraged and focus on the black-on-black killing that is widespread and does go on 24/7 in this country.

Real Racism and reality

The crimes committed by democrats yearly cause far more harm in the black community than any isolated incident with the police. They are affecting millions of lives of our fellow Americans who deserve better. If they are victims, it has nothing to do with the general population of whites. It is the liberal politicians who continue to use and enslave blacks one way or another. There is no polite way to say that Democrats use black Americans to stay in power.

Millions of blacks left the democratic plantation of mind control and welfare, creating panic among liberals. So, they ramped up the racial rhetoric in hopes of stopping the exodus and bringing them back home.

What have all the promises and faithful voting for democrats done for the black communities after all this time? Nothing. Trump did more for minorities and inner cities than the last three presidents combined, but the media’s narrative was that he was racist.

The facts, as we are seeing, really don’t matter.

What people hear and see a hundred times per day from the media does.

No one seems to bother to check into whether or not the claims of racism were valid, and once we hear the lie so many times, the truth doesn’t sound right when we listen to it.

With the advanced technology available today, along with the monopoly of power by one party, it isn`t that difficult to mislead and lie to millions of people.

The statistics and facts are kept far from the limelight and are given no attention by social media or democrats.

Instead, they use identity politics and baseless claims of white racism for everything.

One act of racism towards any race does not warrant destroying an entire country or justifying breaking the law and harming innocent people. Yet, the perception in the inner cities is that innocent young black kids are being targeted by white racist cops everywhere.  And millions of young people are swept up by a reason that sounds good on the surface, but underneath is nothing but lies.

This kind of nonsense is not just in the state and federal positions. Still, mayors, city councils, and school boards are predominantly democrat. The cities that have defunded police departments and allowed lawlessness rioting to continue have been democratic-run cities.

I would submit to you today that the only correct view of the world is God`s view and that you will not hear that from mainstream media or the new fake government.

Racism is plain stupid, and the idea that this country is racist is a big fat lie. So maybe we should stop pointing the finger at each other and look to the ones making all the false claims in the first place.

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