Are Christians Really Being Killed?

Map of Africa highlighting Nigeria
“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

Proverbs 29:2

No Justification for Bad Decision

One need not be a rocket scientist to understand that Biden and extreme liberals continue to intentionally make decisions that are bad for the vast majority of people on the planet. I say planet because until recently, America was the worlds lone superpower. As a result, we have massive influence and responsibility to stand up for the principals that benefit all, not some. Freedom being the main point, and that includes standing up for those who are truly oppressed, unlike the make believe Marxist garbage in America.
One outrageous decision which has resulted in the loss of many innocent lives, was Biden removing the country of Nigeria from the State Departments annual list called the “Countries of Particular Concern (CPC).
These are countries in which the governments engage in or allow religious persecutions among their citizens. And because America gives money to so many countries, including Nigeria, this list does have influence. 
Nigeria has been near the top of the list at number six  for a while, and was showing no signs of easing up when Biden took office.  So to go out of the way and remove them while Christians are being martyred  only benefits the those who are doing the killing. As a direct result in 2022, Nigeria accounted for 90 % of all deaths in the world that are the result of  religious persecution.
Once again it appears Biden is siding with evil because the Nigerian government is doing nothing  to stop the killing while Bided and the Islamic radicals doing the killing, play dumb. 

General info about Nigeria

Population – 213.4 Million
Size 923,768 km²  or about 4 times the size of the UK
Official Language English
Main Religion – Islam (41%) and Christianity (58%) 2017)

Christian Persecution

Ranked 6th most dangerous country for Christians to live in. ( I would say right now that might be number 1)

  1. 52,250 Christians murdered for their faith
  2. 700 Christians abducted
  3. 18,000 churches burned down
  4. 2,200 schools burned down
  5. 2,375,846  (IDPs) Internally Displaces Person
  6. In 2022 after Biden removed their status we saw a 10% increase in murders of Christians  in Nigeria 

Who is Doing the Killing?

Those committing the genocide are the Boko Haram , Fulani Militants ( both Islamic)
Many of these have come in through the Northern Border and have been a real threat to Christians as a direct result of the Islamic vow in 1989 to make Nigeria a Muslim nation.
When asked about the genocide they do not claim innocence bur rather try and claim they are not just killing Christians which is a lie. Make no mistake, they made a vow and are now following through with it.

What has been done & What can be done?

In 2022 U. S. Congressman Chris Smith ( New Jersey )  introduced a  bipartisan resolution,  “to redesignate Nigeria as a country that violates religious freedom. The Smith resolution also calls for President Biden to appoint Special Envoy to Nigeria to monitor and combat atrocities in the region.
As expected, this was rejected by the Biden team who also claim in regards to  our southern border, “nothing to see here.”
Let me just say that what is happening in Nigeria is going to happen world-wide with the main target continuing to be Christianity. Our Northern neighbors have already passed ridiculous and dangerous laws to prevent Christians from calling the lost to repent. Our own administration continues to push against our rights and constitution and have been building a special list of Christians to identify who believes the truth.

We can and should pray for not only the leaders and perpetrators of these persecutions, but more importantly, for the victims and those who are suffering right now. 

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