Another County SECEDES as Woke Portland IMPLODES!!!/ Dr. Steve Turley
Hannity: Biden is trying to bury this story / April 6, 2023 / Hannity / Fox News
The Depth of the Swamp / Adam Andrzejewski
Hillsdale College
Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know / The Cato Institute

Donald Trump’s viral Mar-a-Lago speech following his arraignment in hush money payments case / WIONLINK

Our Wild Kids Have America on Edge / Michael Reagan / 4-21-23 / The Patriot Post / LINK

Donald Trump addresses the United States from Mar-a-Lago home / KUSI News
America has ‘crossed the Rubicon’: Mark Levin / Fox News
This is the most shocking attack on free speech in our lifetimes / Fox News / Tucker Carlson
Cold War II—Just How Dangerous Is China? / Uncommon Knowledge / Recorded on April 9, 2021
Hoover Institute YouTube Channel
This Is The Most Extraordinary Thing I Have Ever Seen’: Hawley, Biden Nom Have Unbelievable Clash / Forbes Breaking News
Who The Hell Do You Think You Are!’: Boebert Explodes At Ex-Twitter Exec For Shadow-Banning Her / Forbes Breaking News
Huge Cover-Up After East Palestine Investigation Uncovered / Aug. 3, 2023 / The Young Turks
BREAKING: Trump Indicted / March 321, 2023 / Ben Shapiro
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America’s Secret Weapon Against Russia / Mar. 4, 2023 / John Coogan YouTube Channel / LINK

I Almost Ended My Life Because Of The Corrupt & Rigged Beef Industry” / The Class Room More Perfect Union LINK

Are They About To Arrest Trump? / 3-20-23 / Ben Shapiro
YouTube Video – LINK

Microsoft’s Military Empire, Explained / John Coogan YouTube Channel / Mar 12, 2023 / LINK

Breaking: Big Bank Forced to Close: What It Means for YOU / Glenn TV / Ep 259 / Glen Beck / Blaze TV YouTube Channel – LINK

Is The Economy About To Melt Down? / Ben Shapiro / YouTube Channel / 3-13-23 – LINK

Woke Capitalism Against America / Vivek Ramaswam speech April 28, 2021 / Hillsdale College / YouTube Channel – LINK

Comply or Die: How America Will Enforce TotalL Wokeness / Glenn TV / Ep 98 / Video LINK

WHO’s Power to Govern US Pandemics Back on the Table; Biden Launches Sweeping ‘Equity’ Programs / Crossroads with Joshua Philipp / Epoch TV LINK

LIVE: Trump Speaks at CPAC 2023 in Washington (10 plus hours of CPAC) / NTD YouTube Channel – LINK

Peter Schweizer on the Biden Family’s Alleged Corruption | Counterculture / Danielle D`Souza Gill / EPOCH TV – LINK

Public School Failure Didn’t Start With Shutdowns / By Nate Jackson / Oct. 22, 2022 / THE PATRIOT POST  LINK

BIG SISTER: Biden Admin Creating ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Headed By Trump Hater / By Mike LaChance -April 29, 2022 / AMERICAN LOOKOUT – LINK

Here’s the Real Reason Inflation Keeps Surging / Hannah Cox and Brad Polumbo / Feb.10, 2022 / BASED POLITICS – LINK

New Documents reveal U.S. military’s frustration with White House / By Kari Donovan / Feb. 9, 2022, THE REPUBLICAN BRIEF – LINK

Why Biden pursues politically suicidal policies / By Lauri B. Regan AMERICAN THINKER – LINK

IRS Decides It Won’t Make You Take A Selfie To Access Your Taxes After Fierce Backlash / By Alan EvansDAILY CALLER – LINK

Summary of Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Homeland / Feb.8, 2022 / THE WAR ROOM – LINK

Bombshell: Capitol Police Busted While Illegally Snooping Through Republican Congressman’s Office . . . Twice / By J.D. Rucker / Feb. 8, 2022 /THE LIBERTY DAILY – LINK

Another Secret Postal Service Program Spies on Citizens by Hacking Cell Phones / Jan. 27, 2022 / JUDICIAL WATCH – LINK

Biden DHS Declares Heightened Terrorism Threat / By Jack Phillips / Feb. 8, 2022 / EPOCH NEWS  LINK

American Truckers Plan Massive Convoy to Protest Mandates But Facebook Just Censored Them / By Matt Agorist / Feb.4, 2022 / ACTIVIST POST – LINK

Biden’s Rule: Trust me, but don’t dare verify because it’s none of your business / By David Zuckerman / Feb. 4, 2022 / AMERICAN THINKER – LINK

Ron Perlman Calls for Secession: ‘You Don’t Wanna Live in My World and I Certainly Don’t Want to Live in Yours’/ By David NG / Feb. 4, 2022 / BREITBART – LINK

Philip Anderson Discusses How Conservatives Can Boldly Push Back Against Leftist Encroachment on Free Speech / By Laura Elizabeth Jenkins AMERICAN GULAG  LINK

‘God bless the truck drivers’: America’s GOP Sends Words of Support to Canada’s Freedom Convoy / By Hannity Staff / Feb. 2, 2022 / SEAN HANNITY – LINK

Jesse Watters reveals how five Democrat families used ‘power and influence to enrich themselves / By Kari Donovan / Jan. 28, 2022 / THE REPUBLICAN BRIEF – LINK

By Refusing Security to Russia Washington Has Opened the Door to War / By Paul Craig Roberts / Jan. 12, 2022 / PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS – LINK

Senate panel advances bill blocking tech giants from favoring own products / By Chris Mills Rodrigo & Rebecca Klar / Jan. 20, 2022 / THE HILL – LINK

Our Children Are Not Chattel / MICHELLE MALKIN • NOV. 10, 2021 / THE UNZ REVIEW – LINK

Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies / by Larry Elder / Jan. 13, 2022 / TOWNHALL  LINK

Danger! Armageddon Ahead! / By PCR / Jan. 18, 2022 / PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS – LINK

ATF Raids Property of Amish Farmer / By BLUE APPLES / Jan. 28, 2022 / ZERO HEDGE  LINK

“If Your Mother – Your Sister Were Getting Raped in Those Camps – Would You Still Think About Money?” VIDEO) / By Jim Hoft / Jan.17, 2022 / GATEWAY PUNDIT – LINK

Group Sues Biden Admin. Over Terrorist Funding / Jan. 21, 2022 / Video / OAN NEWSROOM LINK

How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape / by Sharyl Attkisson  THE EPOCH TIMES – LINK 

Incapable IRS Sends Bizarre Warning to Every American / By Jay Sekulow / Jan. 11, 2022 / American Center for Law and Justice / ACLJ – LINK

5 Questions To Ask “Democratic Socialists” | Liz WheelerYOUNG AMERICAS FOUNDATION / LINK

Judge Jeanine: The American people see through the Democrat’s lies / Aug. 23, 2020 / FOX NEWS  LINK

Is Fake News a Myth? Sharyl Attkisson Lecture – youtube channel – HILLSDALE COLLEGE  LINK

Major arrest made in Durham investigation as federal authorities nab dossier source – CONSERVATIVE BRIEF –  LINK

Bannon keynote Pima County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner – Did you fight to make America great again? (video) RUMBLE  LINK

Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood! / RUMBLE  video/ NOAHREPORT.COM –   LINK

Bannon: We’re Winning And They Know It – They HATE You /  by Alisha Rodriguez / December 10, 2021 / THE REPUBLICAN BRIEF – LINK

Lawsuit: Facebook Overpaid FTC by $5 Billion to Shield Zuckerberg/ By Michelle Edwards -September 22, 2021 /UNDERCOVER DCLINK

Clarence Thomas exposed the biggest lie Democrats tell with one brutal question PATRIOT PULSE  LINK

Defending the Republic – Sidney Powel / RUMBLE / TRUTH AND LIBERTY COALITION – LINK

GOP Senator Demands John Kerry’s Resignation For Alleged Iran Revelations Leaked tape reveals Kerry giving covert Israel intel to Iran. FORBES BREAKING NEWS  LINK

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