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Affiliate Diclosure Page ( to comply with FTC Law)

FTC law (The Federal Trade Commission) requires that Affiliate Marketers who post links or advertising on their websites must make visitors aware that we may make a small commission anytime someone uses our links and makes a purchase within a specific time frame. The commissions we may receive are at no additional cost to you.

This law was created so that visitors are not misled and that they understand that website content, advice, and recommendations are in some way influenced by monetary gain by those who are promoting specific products and services.

As of 4-26-21, I have no paid advertisements or affiliate links on this website, so it is currently ad-free.

 This page will remain up as I may advertize at some point. 

Any affiliate links will be clearly marked as such so that things are transparent.

Advice And Opinions

I do not give out professional advice, nor is this a statistic-based, detailed news source. However, I have many trusted and valid news sources where I get my information and, at times, will share those with you.

I will not intentionally mislead or deceive anyone here on this site. Quite the opposite, I want to help others see the truth and, most importantly, Jesus.

I respect your right to disagree or have an opposing view and not listen to or apply anything I suggest or write on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and I will continue to work hard, offer only products and services I believe in, and create valuable content for you to read.

NOTE: Currently I have zero paid advertisements and am not working as an affiliate marketer or for anyone other than myself. If you want to support this website, you can use the contact page to let me know. I am leaving this up in case I do begin advertizing on this site. For now, the truth is all that matters to me, money or not. 

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